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Customers, partners, sales reps and employees have different training needs and goals. Within each of these segments, there may also be differences regarding their business area, seniority level, location, language, product or service they work with, and so on. With bugle, it is easy to connect the right audience with the right training.

Making the correct match between audience and training is key to achieve your training goals and offering an amazing and efficient experience for both your audience and your training managers.

Your learners will have a smooth experience because they will only see their own training courses, not wasting time looking for them.

For your training manager, this audience management and course segmentation is easy to do and, by doing so, it will allow for more effective and organized reporting on training results – and their impact on your business.

you can easily and effectively create segmented groups of learners and assign categorized courses to the right people.

This match between learners segmentation and categorized courses can also be done in an individual level, very handy to handle exceptions and to offer a truly personalized learning path to each of your audience members.

Get your bugle on and offer an efficient and organized training experience.


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Writen by Carina Leal
27-Aug-2018 15:03:00

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