It’s been 1 year since we re-branded - Happy bugle day!

bugle announcements about bugle anniversary Happy bugle day!

One year ago, I wrote the first article of this blog as part of the launch of the new brand of our video training platform: bugle. Today, we are celebrating all the great things that happened since we re-branded and we created a video to answer the two most frequently asked question about our brand.

On June 6th, 2018 we published the story behind our re-branding to bugle. One year has passed and our team is very happy with what we have achieved so far. The evolution of our product has been incredible, and our customer base is now growing at an even faster pace, with new customers onboarding from several countries across the world.

We have several new projects planned for year #2, so that we can fulfil our purpose of helping our customers be better at what they do. For that, we will keep applying the potential of our training tool and of the content we create and share through our digital channels. So, please stay tuned for news!

On our anniversary day, I also want to express my gratitude to all our customers, partners and friends. Thank you very much for all your love and please stay with us for what comes next!

Happy bugle day!

So, what are the two most frequently asked question about bugle?
Turn on the sound and watch this video to find out!


Writen by João Ferro Rodrigues
06-Jun-2019 09:38:00

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