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Is it time to invest in a digital sales academy?

3 min read João Pedro Magalhães, Customer Success Manager

Although Sales training is always important, there comes a time when putting an organized Sales Academy in place is crucial to your sales training programme’s effectiveness and efficacy. Also, there are some factors that influence this need.

How do you know it’s time to invest in a digital sales academy?

1. If your team is spread across locations

A digital sales academy will allow you to reach every member of your team, regardless of their location. This means everyone will have access to the same training without the need, and expenses, of traveling.

2. If your training is not accessible 24/7 from any device

With a digital academy, like bugle, your sales reps can access your training any time, whenever they need it, even if they are accessing from their mobile phones while waiting for a meeting.


3. If you have to onboard sales reps regularly

Whether you have a lot of turn over, or you are simply growing your sales teams, onboarding each sales rep is a highly time consuming task, and sometimes you can’t guarantee that everyone will have the same standard of onboarding and training. With a digital academy, you can ensure alignment and the same standards of training for everyone. Also, you can design learning paths for each team member and get detailed reporting on their training.


4. If your current sales training programme is disorganized and / or outdated

There are two sides here: technical and educational.

On the technical side, technology shouldn’t be a barrier to learning so choose a training platform that will allow you to organize your courses in categories and sub-categories, that allows you to segment which reps see which content (instead of making everything available to everyone), that allows you to create learning paths to help guide your team through the training programme, and with a search tool.

On the educational side, make sure you have a structured sales training programme in place – you can learn more about this in the article: 4 fundamental steps you can’t miss when planning your sales academy.

Also, with an easy to update academy, your team will always have access to the latest information.


5. If sales performance needs a boost

The more your team knows about your product the better they will be able to sell it. Also, sales skills training has a huge influence in sales results and efficiency.


6. If you need your sales team to be aligned on the message and processes

It’s important to make sure that everyone follows the right processes and have an aligned message. Regardless of which team member a customer reaches out to, they should all be able to share the same information and guarantee consistency across the board.


7. If need to give your sales team extra motivation

When you implement a sales training programme, you are showing your team you care about their success and their personal and professional growth. This is highly motivating and great for morale.


8. If you need to deepen company culture and values

A sales academy is a great way to convey company culture and values. You can use videos to transmit your company’s history, mission, values and so on to help increase the sense of belonging and pride to be part of your organization.


9. If your products, services or pricing are complex and constantly updated

Great training, namely with video, will help your sales reps understand your products, technology or services regardless of how complex they are. Also, if your products and pricing are constantly being updated, it’s important to make sure your sales team has that information in a timely matter and is able to convey in the best way.


10. If your CRM and other sales tools are getting in the way of efficiency and accurate reporting

If your sales reps don’t know or have difficulty using your CRM and other sales tools, they are losing time and being inefficient. Also, if they are not filling in the information correctly and in a timely matter, your reporting will never be up to date. An easy way to overcome this is to have your tools training in your digital academy. This way, you can include this training in the onboarding process, and keep it available to all that need a refresher or help on how to perform a specific task.

You may have noticed there is a common tread in all these factors: growth. With growth comes an increase in staff to onboard and train, and new or additional products to get to know. Also, the growth of the team usually means that sales reps may be spread out internationally, telecommuting, or simply on the road all the time. 

With a digital sales academy you can make sure your team has the knowledge and tools they need to improve their performance and motivation.


To learn more about how to create, launch and run a successful sales academy in your company, you can take the free “Managing an Online Sales Training Academy” certification course, at the bugle Academy.

You can also learn more about how to setup an effective sales training programme in your company in this guide.

How to setup Sales training

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