Interact and engage with your learners before, during and after training

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The right interactions, at the right time are key to successful training because they keep engagement high, help knowledge retention and evaluation, and allow your learners to offer their feedback. Have a bidirectional relationship with your learners from the start, with these features.

Before training

Interact with your learners to let them know about your new academy, new courses, updates, company news and events:
- with bugle's personalized email notifications
- with bugle's connect tool
- through your intranet with link to the academy or course
- your social networks or other internal and external digital channels
- making your training available where it is needed

During training

Interacting with your learners during a course has many advantages such as learners’ self-evaluation, maintaining the student engaged and attentive, assessing learners’ knowledge retention and course success:

- use quizzes between course chapters for student’s self-evaluation and for understanding if students are retaining knowledge the first time they watch the video
- Use challenges to invite your learners to actively share their experiences with the other learners
- use surveys to get feedback or create final evaluations
- use the Q&A feature to answer direct questions from your learners

After training

The surveys, quizzes, challenges, and the bugle connect tool will allow you to keep the engagement after your learners finish each course and to gather important information of what is working or needs improvement and what is having impact on your business results.

- offer personalised certificates
- get feedback on your course, topic, duration, presenter…
- suggest related courses or next mandatory training
- remind your training audience (whether it's customers, partners or team) that your academy is available 24/7 for their benefit
- continue to share articles, achievements, events, updates and other important information
- get detailed reporting on your training that you can cross reference with business results to understand its impact

Keep your audience engaged with your company and product by using your bugle academy interaction features to your advantage and your learners’.

Ready to make learning a two-way street? Try bugle!


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