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Improve operational efficiency with Partners Training

3 min read Rodrigo Pessoa Jorge, Business Development Manager

Having a robust partner network is one of the best ways you can grow your business, scale your operations and leverage an existing resource to improve your results. But how can you handle this growth, keeping operational efficiency?

We all know that receiving an occasional newsletter will not foster a deep level of involvement, and that there is a strong competition when it comes to grabbing someone’s attention.

We also know that seeding a community is a relatively simple task that can have a spectacular return-on-investment rate. If you successfully integrate your partners in an online community that is anchored in a sense of belonging and that is continuously fed information, given fun tasks and rewarded with content or fun activities, this group will quickly become one of your best allies.

We’ve already seen that continuous training will help increase partner engagement, achieve better results, and strengthen your level of service. Now, the question is:

How can Partner Training help you improve operational efficiency?

1. Training your partners will help them understand your product
2. Online training makes on-boarding easier, faster and cheaper
3. Training your partners will make them feel supported
4. A training academy brings its students closer to you
5. A partner can become an advocate
6. You can measure success through training


1. Training your partners will help them understand your product

Training can help your partners become more efficient in assembling, using or delivering your product or service. Teaching your partners on the best way to go about the activities they perform on your behalf is crucial to keep consistency, standards and efficiency. Also, if they interact with you via some sort of technology, you should ensure they know how to use it properly. This will save everyone’s time and ensure a fast turn-around in your interactions, which is vital for a seamless communication experience for both.


2. Online training makes onboarding easier, faster and cheaper

With and online training and knowledge sharing tool, on-boarding partners is no longer a time and money-consuming headache because you can make available all the training courses and knowledge you need to share with your partners in one online place:

- each new partner on-boarding increases your ROI (the more your partners use it, the higher your ROI)
- online on-boarding and training allows you to save time and money on travelling, venues, trainers and so on
- having a partners training academy will allow you to automate some manual tasks, freeing up your workforce for high-touch tasks where they can have a higher impact
- you can share all types of knowledge, in the most effective way to convey each message


3. Training your partners will make them feel supported

Your partners will know where to go to find information and to have their questions answered. This will make them feel valued and at ease in a training environment that is also beautiful and simple to use.

The more you nurture them — giving them new training and knowledge, feeding constructive debates, collecting their feedback — the more solid your support network will be.


4. A training academy brings its students closer to you

The modern world is deeply connected. Each person is a matrix of connections, and communities play a big role in the way we socialize and choose how we spend our time.

If you can successfully create and nurture a sense of community where you can engage with your partners and your partners can engage with you, send feedback, get recognized and keep an ongoing, active relationship of trust and open communication, you will be building something that is stronger than the individuals that are part of it.

5. A partner can become an advocate

If you treat your partners kindly and help them grow, the members of your academy can become influencers on your behalf. Training will help your partners represent you better: they will feel they are a part of your company and they will share your values and vision.


6. You can measure success through training

Training analytics will help you understand its impact on your business KPIs and see what needs to be changed or improved on the product side. You can also collect valuable product feedback and report on different aspects of the user experience based on the popularity of each of your training modules, the success metrics of your quizzes, and the overall impact on your business KPIs once you start on this partner training and nurturing journey.


As you can see, there is a multitude of reasons to get your partner academy up and running. A strong partner academy is a crucial step to your partners’ success… and your own!

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