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1 min read Carina Leal, Product Manager at bugle

The bugle connect tool is a knowledge sharing add-on for your bugle video training platform that allows you to keep high engagement with customers, partners and employees. And, by keeping your audience engaged with your brand, your product / service, and your training, you are fostering a deeper connection that leads to higher loyalty and retention.

So, how do you do it? Easy! Bugle connect tool allows you to share news, articles, videos, events, surveys, product / service updates, new training course notifications and more.

Bugle connect tool is a great way to share important business information such as new product features, pricing updates, new points of contact, industry information and so on. Also, you can use this tool to celebrate achievements, making your audience feel proud and valued - whether it is a partner who is celebrating 10 years working with you, a prize that a customer received or a celebration of your sales team achieving a milestone - this is the place to deepen relationships and forge ambassadors for your brand.

If your audience feels that you care, and that you keep them in the loop of your news, updates, and training opportunities, they will keep you in their top of mind, and trust you to be supportive and informative when they need it. A great consequence of this is more happy customers, partners and employees. And happiness is good for business!

Also, you can measure and analyse the level of engagement through detailed reporting, by individual, groups or content, which will help you understand which contents work best and what your audience values the most.

So, whether congratulations are in order or you just need to share an important message from your CEO, are you ready to try bugle?



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