How your customer academy provides insights about customer needs

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Have you realized that your customer training academy is a valuable source of customer feedback? This article will delve into this topic and help you understand the usefulness of your learning academy in gathering customer insights.

Most people will agree that customer insights should drive business tactics and strategies: no business can survive without listening to their customers and striving to deliver what they need. In fact, most companies will have customer voice initiatives in place that aim to better understand customer needs. There are multiple ways through which you can acquire customer insights: simple surveys, different engagement techniques and — most importantly — an overarching willingness to ask for feedback and act on it.


What customer insights can you get from your customer academy?

Accessing and interpreting your training tool’s usage analytics will give you precious information you can use in order to interpret your customers’ needs and interests. Your most viewed courses are a clear indication of their preferences: the content they consume the most (both the type of content they choose to watch and the number of times that happens) shows what they’re interested in.


Search terms and topics show what your customers are looking for. You can use those to improve your existing offer, adding learning content that is related to those searches and can fill any gap you have identified.


Feedback you proactively ask for — via different types of interactive and feedback-gathering mechanisms available in your training platform, such as surveys, quizzes and community forums — will help you collect more information about each training session, but also your product or service as well as your customer needs.


Lastly, their evaluation results and, most importantly, the wrong answers your customers submit reflect what type of learning content is not coming across correctly. You can use the analysis of these incorrect answers to create additional help content and training.


Having these customer insights will help you drive your customers’ success: you can give them what they want quicker, filling their different needs as they come up. Moreover, having a good idea of what your customers want also brings additional benefits:


You’ll have less support tickets to reply to in customer success, because most of the how-to and frequently asked questions are covered in the learning content of your customer academy. Happy customers have a higher retention and a lower churn: your customer metrics — and this includes your Customer Satisfaction Score too — will look healthier.

Your academy usage metrics are also a positive sign: having a platform that promotes interaction and is filled with fresh content is vital for healthy customer engagement. Exciting content and an enticing crowd will boost recommendations and referrals, which can result in more brand ambassadors for you.


Finally, let’s not forget about new leads: we already know that customer education is a great marketing tool. An exciting learning academy with relevant training content will generate strong leads that have already proven their interest.


In summary, invest in strong reporting in order make the most of your learning platform. This can be a winning factor and it shouldn’t be overlooked!


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Writen by Maria Fernandes
08-Aug-2019 09:34:00

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