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How to setup your studio with less than 1.500€

3 min read Pedro Arede, Multimedia Expert at bugle

One of the most common misconceptions about video training is that it is too expensive to produce videos with professional quality. In this article, you can see an example of a set of equipment for under 1.500€, that you can easily assemble and disassemble as needed in a quiet room, to record high quality training videos.
Today, you can easily record good quality video with a smartphone or your computer camera, and a microphone or headset. That would be the simplest, most inexpensive way to record a video, whether for training, marketing, or any other purpose.

However, there is a middle term between this option and recording in a studio with a professional crew. That is to have you’re your semi-professional studio that you can assemble in your office – in a quiet meeting room, ideally with good light – to record your videos.

Please note that there are many other available options for each item, and this is just one example of equipment set.

As you can see in the list below, you will be able to get all this equipment for under 1.500€. Not bad, right?


Basic equipment for a semi-professional studio under 1.500€

DSLR Camera
(from 760€, depending on the store)

The camera is obviously a key piece to get a good recording. For this example, we suggest the Nikon D7500+18-140 mm VR lens.

You can compare the different prices for this camera in this page.


(about 150€, depending on the store)

To make sure you have a steady image, it is important to have a tripod, or something that has the same effect like a table or a pile of books. For this example, we suggest the Cayer Heavy Duty  Video Tripod.

You can get this tripod here.


Lighting equipment
(about 53€, depending on the store)

Lighting really makes a different in the quality of your videos and is key to a professional look. For this example, we suggest the Neewer 700W Professional Photography Lighting Kit. Still, even with a lighting kit, if you can set the studio up in a well-lit room, it is the perfect scenario.  

You can get this Lighting Kit here.


Lavalier Microphone
(about 63€, depending on the store)

Sound is super important to get your message across. And we mean this not just in the obvious way, but also in the sense that many factors can interfere with the quality of the sound and the retaining of the message. Distracting sounds, too high background music, poor sound quality, sudden external sounds are just some examples of how sound can impact in your audience’s focus and retention.

For this example, we suggest the Rode Smartlav+ Lavalier microphone.

You can get this microphone here.


Chroma key Backdrop
(about 18€, depending on the store)

Using a chroma wall as the background will allow you to edit the backdrop of your video. With an editing tool, you can replace the chroma background with any image or visuals. This isn’t necessarily a basic item for your studio, but it can offer more backdrop options in editing and you don’t need to worry about the décor or what is behind the presenter.

For this example, we suggest the Photo Master 2.8 x 1.8m collapsible chroma key backdrop.

You can get here.


(about 185€, depending on the store)

A teleprompter displays the script to your presenter which helps ensure the consistency and accuracy of the what you need to convey while still maintaining spontaneity.

You will need a tablet with a teleprompter app, where you upload the script and manage the speed of the text for the presenter to read. In most cases, any tablet will do (even a smartphone) as the bases are usually adjustable. To guarantee the presenter’s comfort we advise a 10 inches / 25 cm tablet (from 220€, depending on brand and store).

You can get the teleprompter it here.


Estimated total cost for this example: 1.480€

Disclaimer: The prices presented here were updated on this article’s publish date (September 2019). The prices and products' availability may change at any time. The choice of items for this example was not requested or influenced by any third parties.

Here is a list of free and low-cost tools to help you in these and other steps of creating a training video.

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