How to set up your bugle video training academy in under two hours

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Download the step-by-step infographic on how to setup your bugle video training academy in under 2 hours, with 5 easy steps.

At bugle, we believe in simplicity, ease of use and beauty: the truth is that we are incredibly proud of what we have achieved and are glad to share our video training solution with the rest of the world!

We know that people don’t have the time nor the patience to deal with a complicated training platform. Your training academy should be a helping hand on the pursuit of your business goals and the building of a deeper relationship with your stakeholders, not another headache to deal with.

That’s why with five simple steps you can setup your bugle online video training academy.

Once you have your training videos ready, it couldn’t be simpler to publish, manage and report upon your training offerings.

Just follow the 5 simple and intuitive steps on this step by step guide to customize, setup and launch a bugle academy and be surprised about how quick and easy it can be to start driving results with your new video training academy.

 How to setup a video training academy in 5 steps

Writen by Joana Fonseca
13-Sep-2018 11:31:00

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