How to prove online training impact (free guide)

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In any organization, proving value is always part of any important project. Deciders at all levels permanently ask themselves how to make sure a specific program or investment is really creating positive net value to their companies.

This is not different for online training programs. It doesn't matter if your program is for an internal or external audience (clients, partners, sales teams, employees...), good training must always be reflected in better results.

There are three different approaches you can use to calculate your training program's impact:
1. Return on Investment (ROI) approach;
2. Software integration approach;
3. Randomized Controlled Training (RCT) approach.

In this guide, you will learn:
- How to estimate online training impact using each of these approaches;
- When you should use each of them.

Are you ready to understand the impact of your (current or future) training program?

Download this guide for free here.

How to prove online training impact

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Writen by João Ferro Rodrigues
25-Feb-2021 09:15:00

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