How to prepare for video recording day (guide)

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The recording day can be very stressful for the presenters, especially if they are shy, have little or no experience, or are working with you for the first time. This guide will help them feel more comfortable and know what to do and what to expect on the day before, and day of the recording. 
If you are presenting for the first time, or if you are going to work with presenters that may not be as experienced or comfortable in this role, download this guide. When everyone knows what to do and what to expect, a stressful situation can become a lot easier for everyone involved. 

Here's the "How to prepare for video recording day", a guide created by our Digital Learning Solutions team to help presenters be more comfortable and relaxed on the video recording day.

How to prepare for video recording


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Writen by Pedro Arede
04-Jul-2019 10:57:00

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