5 ways to overcome a small budget for video training

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A small budget is very often the reason why companies don’t go ahead with training. But whether you need to train your team, your customers or your partners, a low budget doesn’t necessarily mean you need to give up on the idea, or that you won’t have a professional outcome. Check out these 5 tips and you will see that a small budget may no longer be an issue.

Here are five tips to ensure your video training initiatives can be rolled out regardless of budget limitations:

1. There are plenty of free tools available for a professional outcome

Here are some free tools to create your video training courses that will help you achieve professional results without breaking the bank.


2. Take advantage of synergies and in-house talent

Recruit the help of your colleagues in marketing, communications, sales and human resources to help you find and develop training materials or content you can use. You will probably find a lot of valuable and very useful information just by talking to them. 

Also, you can you can have different people involved in the video creation and production stages. Invite colleagues that are good writers to do the script, ask your more experienced colleagues and those that feel more at ease in front of a camera to be the presenters of your training videos... Find people’s hidden talents and interests and remember: if you make training an internal part of your culture, finding volunteers will be quite simple.


3. Find a training tool that fits your budget

Evaluate different training options and find a tool that fits your budget. An online solution can help you reduce your annual training expenses. You can train all of your staff, regardless of location; training content can be used multiple times, and updates are easy to manage. And don’t forget how much you will be saving in your travel budget!


4. Share the investment

Remember that a training academy can be a company-wide solution and all cost centres can share both its costs and benefits. Your training academy can be used by sales, marketing, customer success, partners, operations, human resources… 


5. Show the Return on Investment (ROI)

Training is much more than an expense: it is an investment in skills, performance, knowledge, engagement, retention and productivity — an integral part of any company’s future and success. Having the right arguments during budget allocation will help you advocate for this vision. And what better argument than great ROI: hard numbers are hard to argue against when it comes to proving the value of something.

Download the Online Training Academy ROI Calculator here.


Get in touch and let us give you a few real examples of how bugle can help you and your company, even within tight budget restraints.


Being organized and knowledgeable of the course creation process is a great way to save time and money on your video training production. Download the 8 steps to create a video training eBook, and start planning your training content now.

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Writen by Rodrigo Pessoa Jorge
21-Mar-2019 10:02:00

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