How to make customers fall in love with your brand - A love story through the customer journey

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There are different stages of connection, trust, and mutual knowledge in any relationship, whether it is romantic or in business. And depending on how you carry the relationship it can lead to getting down on one knee and get a yes, or… churn. So, how can you make your customers fall in love with your brand?

First stage, you need to find each other. In the business world, this means making yourself available, and easy to find online (all you marketers out there know what I’m talking about, right? #SEO #Content #Blog #Videos #BrandAcademy).

Stage 2: the first date - at this stage you can't really be thinking you will get married and live happily ever after. So, you start by showing what you’re made off with great content and tell your lovely date how you can solve all their problems. Yes, you know... in the world of Marketing this is called lead conversion. Before you even think about offering a demo, you need to show that you are trustworthy, that you are the best fit for their needs and preferences and that you add value to their lives so they have a lot to gain by being in a relationship with you.

Stage 3: The first date is important - sure. But fear not, once you know each other, don't just give up on it. The goal is to get more and more dates - yes, you know what I mean... with videos, website visits, downloads, visits to your training academy... you're building trust and getting to know more about each other. Yes, EACH OTHER. While you offer great content about yourself, you can collect and keep information about your customer (responsibly, don’t forget about potential trust issues). And each encounter should be useful for both of you - learning more about each other, developing skills to make each other better people, show and understand each other's values. Once all of this is out of the way and each of you know everything you need to know about you... comes the moment to demo your product.

Stage 4: the "let me show you what we can do together" moment, in business, the product demo. At this point, if you have played your part right, you are both quite invested in the relationship, and, as you wait for the moment, your knees tremble, your heart beats faster and you may even start to sweat a bit if you feel like that it’s definitely the right match for you. Take a deep breath, now. If all goes well, you start hearing the sound of bugles (forgive the pun…), and the proposal is no longer a distant goal. If it doesn’t go well, as they realise you are not exactly what they wanted... well... the best you can do is learn from the experience and do better next time. But we're here today to talk about the YES! Which leads us to…

Stage 5: the engagement, which in business talk is called... well, yes, engagement works for both here. So, if you added value before, make sure you don't stop now, and keep showing you are the one. Deliver what you have been promising and show you mean what you said. Otherwise, you risk being left at the altar (starting tachycardia and cold sweats all over again...).

Stage 6: the wedding. For some it is nothing more than signing a contract. True enough, if you put a ring on it, better make it legal. But if you are truly invested, this is just the first day of the rest of your lives. So, make sure your onboarding (Cof! Cof! honeymoon) gets you to a great start. Make sure you keep all the promises you made, continue to show love every day, increase the knowledge of your product and skills to make it work better, anticipate their needs, and always be there for them. Build a life of love and support and never take your fantastic, awesome, customer for granted. If you can manage this, you will both be happy and keep loyal for years and years.

But if you really want to go to next step... there is one more thing to consider. Lucky stage number 7:  turning your “significant other” into your brand ambassador. To achieve that, you need to be present and available when and where you are needed. This means offering great support and filling your lives with fantastic content – the kind that makes you a better person. The kind that makes you and better at your job.

Both in personal as in business, being your brand ambassador, means talking about you to friends, family, colleagues and even that stranger on the train (wink!). And this, is what you should be aiming for!

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Writen by Joana Fonseca
14-Feb-2019 10:21:00

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