2 Ways to Make your Customer Onboarding Scalable

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Onboarding is a crucial time in your relationship with your clients as it creates the ground in which you plant the seeds for a long and fruitful relationship - when done well. Doing it right is no easy feat, as it is usually very time consuming for your Customer Success team and when your company is growing this can lead to a few challenges, namely, scalability.

In this article, we focus on two ways to help you make your customer onboarding process scalable, allowing your customer success team to reach more new customers and focus on high value activities and have more time to handle queries that need human help.


How to make your Customer Onboarding process scalable?

1. Online Video Training

Create an online Customer Academy in place. By using training in your onboarding, your customers can easily access and take the courses they need to reduce time to value, and by having a platform where customers can easily go back to when they have a product usage related question, they can be more autonomous and get an answer faster than having to wait for an answer. An onboarding training programme will help you keep high standards and consistency for all customers.

We did this with our course "Bugle 101 – Getting Started", available in the bugle Academy. This course is part of our onboarding process and helps our clients have a quicker time to value as they can easily learn how to use the bugle and our training call is now more focused on specific needs from each customer. Also, when our customers have new team members that will be managing the platform, they can add this course to their own team onboarding process which provides a quicker ramp up to get them started.

As an additional tip on this matter, to make it more personal, ask your Customer Success team to be part of the course and present it. This way, your customers will see familiar faces in the course and it will build on your relationship with them.

At the end of this article, you can find other bugle blog articles with helpful tips for customer onboarding.


2. Automation

Automation is a fantastic tool you can use to communicate with your customers, especially in the onboarding stage. The onboarding process usually follows a specific order which makes it easier to create a plan in advance of what and when you want to communicate with new customers.

You can personalize the email communication not just in terms of your customer name and company, but also in the sender of the email, as you can usually assign a specific sender, for example, the Customer Success Manager that will be responsible for that client.

Make sure emails can be replied to so that if your customer has a question or wants to reply, it will reach the right person.


Your onboarding process can make or break your relationship with your customers so, make sure you think about this in depth when building your Customer Academy and consider your client – always make sure you are working towards helping your clients be successful when using your product.

In this guide, you can see how to create a great Customer Onboarding Training Programme and, if you need any help building your Customer Academy, let us know.

How to create the perfect Customer Onboarding Training Programme


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Writen by Francisca Cordeiro
20-Aug-2020 12:15:00

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