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How to make the case for a Customer Academy

3 min read Rodrigo Pessoa Jorge, Business Development Manager

Many customer success leaders find themselves in a situation in which they have to convince others of the benefits of using training for customer retention, satisfaction and engagement. In this article, we will give you some pointers on how to convince the leadership team to invest in a customer academy.
There are plenty of reasons why a customer academy is a worthwhile investment, and we will help you build a case for it.

How to build the case for a Customer Academy

1. Create a plan

Create a round-up of challenges and issues. Clearly state what needs to be fixed, and how a customer academy can be a solution. Measure your baseline and use it to create your goals.


2. Define SMART goals for your customer academy

Present attainable and meaningful metrics that will be impacted by having a training platform, such as reduce onboarding time, increase product usage and feature adoption, reduce support queries and so on.


3. Offer a shared vision of success

Lay out all possible benefits of your customer academy. Look for a “what’s in it for me” for each department — you are sure to find at least one for each. For example, your marketing colleagues leverage the customer academy to generate leads as many of the content can most likely be used for both. Customer education can help your sales colleagues have easier conversations and close faster, etc. If you play your cards right, you may find different types of backup from shared costs to help in content production.

In the end of the day, the entire company wins by betting in the relationship with your customers.


4. Do the math

In addition to the qualitative benefits and the impact metrics, we advise you to calculate the costs and the ROI of an online customer academy. This will help you make your case with your decision makers and help you understand how budget-efficient this type of solution can be.
Check out this Online Customer Academy ROI calculator.


5. Draw a roadmap

Your second level of planning should include a course of action that is detailed and time-bound. This includes a list of all of your stakeholders, a content creation pipeline and a communication plan.


6. Focus on the benefits

Opting for an online video-based learning platform will give you plenty of benefits to highlight in your business case: flexibility and ease of access, availability, easy maintenance, community features, better retention, lower costs, higher ROI — and these are just a few!


7. Present needed resources upfront

You can be realistic about the resources you will need, including people, budget and tools. Being transparent and honest is the best way to be taken seriously. There are a multitude of free or low-cost tools that can be used with professional results, and if you decide to record in-house you can setup a studio with less than 1.500€.


8. Anticipate roadblocks

You should be prepared to face some objections, the most common of which is cost. Therefore, having a bulletproof ROI calculation and additional improvements to core business metrics becomes so important.

It is also helpful to demystify the common misconceptions about having a video training academy and show that there are a multitude of free or low-cost tools that can be used with professional results.


9. Find advocates

We advise you to try to get key stakeholders to join your cause and give you an early sign-off. If their teams can use the customer academy for their own purposes, they might even share its costs. For instance, your customer academy can be leveraged for the entire customer journey and this means marketing and sales will very likely be happy to join the cause.

You can ask the experts: at bugle, we have a lot of experience with these processes and are happy to share content, tools and demos to help you build a stronger case. Remember we are only a few clicks away and would love to help!


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