How to increase partners' engagement with your training (Part 2)

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Engagement is a fundamental part of making sure the knowledge you want to convey in your courses is retained by your partners. In this article, we are sharing some tips on how to increase your partners’ engagement with your courses.

Following Part 1 of the How to increase partners’ engagement with your training article, where we covered how to improve engagement with your partners training programme in a macro level, we will now enter the micro level of engagement – that’s related to making each course more engaging.


How to increase partners engagement with your courses

1. Clearly defined goals and benefits

When you communicate each course to your partners, it’s important to make sure you focus on the course goals and the benefits for your partner. To be more precise, you need to answer the question: how will this course help you be better at your job? Or how will this course help you improve your performance?

A better performance from your partner is a win-win situation, as it means they will collect the benefits of that improved performance, and so will you.


2. Using video to convey the message

Regardless of the type of partners you work with, video is a flexible format that will allow you to share the knowledge they need in an effective way. You have probably read or heard that video is an engaging format that increases knowledge retention. Yet, it’s also a very practical option because of its flexibility. For example, you use screen-casting to explain how to use software, you can use a role-playing video to portray situations and behaviours, you can film on location to show safety measures or processes, you can use animation to explain complex concepts, and so on.

Also, you can – and should – use presenters, which is a great way to humanize your training as your partners will be able to see the faces behind the brand, which increases trust and creates a sense of familiarity. All great things for a relationship.


Make sure you interact with your learners before, during and after training. The right interactions, at the right time are key to successful training because they keep engagement high, help knowledge retention and evaluation, and allow your partners to offer their feedback.

To do that you can use quizzes, surveys, challenges, assessments, feedback, Q&A and so on. When choosing a training platform, make sure it allows for different types of interactive moments.


Feedback and reporting

Asking for your partners’ feedback on your courses has two major advantages: you are asking for their opinion so, you show you care about it, and you have the chance to understand if your courses are being successful and how you can improve them. It’s important, though, that you act on the feedback you receive. That’s the ultimate way to show that you are listening to what your partners are telling you. And when you do act on it, communicate it. Let them know the updates you made based on what they said.

Also, make sure you have access to detailed reporting on your training activities and that you can use the training reporting to assess the business impact of each course and of your training programme. Here’s an example: You have the sales data related to how your partners are doing before you make a course available to them on selling techniques. You can use the reporting to understand if the partners that took the course actually increased their sales.

You can find more tips on how to increase your audience’s engagement with your courses in this article.


Here’s a step by step guide on how to create a video training course, based on bugle’s Digital Learning Solutions team course creation process.

How to create a video training course complete guide

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Writen by Joana Fonseca
11-Jun-2020 09:15:00

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