How to get your team onboard with training without making it mandatory

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Getting your team excited about corporate training isn’t always easy. This article will show you a few simple steps you can take to ensure the necessary by-in to your learning opportunities without issuing an ultimatum.

When training is made compulsory and pushed top down, but business leaders fail to create the necessary acceptance, the most likely result is resentment or even attempts to undermine that training. To ensure maximum success, all employees should agree that the training is relevant and believe that the training will have actual benefits for them and want to reap those benefits.


When employees complain about training, there are usually three aspects they can be the most vocal about: that the training is either too boring, too long or that the topic is not relevant to them or their daily jobs. Sometimes they combine the three to create a serious roadblock. So, let’s start with that!


You should explain the practical benefits of taking the course. The “what’s in it for me” is one of the pillars of work related learning and if you focus on what your audience has to gain, both personally and in corporate terms, you are most likely to succeed.


You can ask different people from different teams to participate and be ambassadors of the training programme. Enlist your leaders as role-models and get your CEO to create an engaging invite that presents the benefits and the advantages of the learning programme.


Choose a format that is engaging, and that people prefer, like video - especially for soft skills or specific instructions that are harder to quantify and to explain. As you design your training programme make sure that you have insights into the needs of the departments being trained. Keep the training tone as informal and light as possible, but never overlook relevance. Remember to customise the content: off-the-shelf training isn’t as effective as targeted content that pinpoints your team’s exact requirements.

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Segment and personalise
your training and remember to keep it short. Don't offer training just for the sake of it. Allow each member of the audience to choose and complete whichever modules make sense for them. Bite-sized learning video avoids the “this is too long and boring” complaints and allows for a more enjoyable experience for each learner. Involve your team when you are creating your learning objectives and get their leaders involved in assessing their overall progress.


Make sure you offer a simple and smooth training experience. Reject clunky and buggy platforms with ugly and complex interfaces: learning is supposed to be a positive experience and not add stress or frustration. Also, make sure your learners can access your training content at any time and from any device. The more easily accessible your content is, the higher your completion rates will become.


Make learning and development an integral part of your corporate culture. If this is not the case yet, you can launch an internal campaign about the benefits of training, charging this topic with a positive note that is focused on its numerous benefits.


Don’t forget to collect feedback on the training and iterate as you go along. Fine-tuning your content according to your audiences’ opinion will ensure you walk to talk of constant improvements that you have integrated in your pro-training campaign.


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Writen by Maria Fernandes
07-Mar-2019 10:03:00

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