How to Create your Video Training Course - Download the step by step guide

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Our digital learning solutions team has put together a handy step by step guide that outlines the 8 steps you need to follow to create an effective video training course.

The eBook covers all the necessary steps to create your online video training: from scope and structure to video editing and deployment, going through script, storyboard, interactions and recording.

Our DLS team has summarised the most important aspects for each of these phases and added a few tips and tricks that will ensure your video training is of the highest quality. If you follow these guidelines, you are sure to create a robust course which will convey your message clearly and in a way that will delight your learners.

Downloading our eBook today is the best way to kick-off your video training course creation!


 How to create a video training course eBook


Writen by DLS Instructional Design team
05-Feb-2019 15:19:00

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