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How to choose the right training platform for your sales academy

3 min read João Pedro Magalhães, Customer Success Manager

Sales training is a key component of your business success. The better prepared your sales reps are, the better they will do their job. To make sure your training is readily available, organized and can be measured, you will need a training platform. But how to choose the right one for your company?

What to consider when selecting the right sales training platform?

1. Go Digital

This should be your first consideration: make sure your sales training platform is easily accessible by your sales reps 24/7, wherever they need it. A digital training platform will also allow you to save money both in travel costs, and in course creation and duplication. With an online academy, you can create a course once and use it unlimited times, for unlimited people, with the same message and experience – and you won’t have to deal with your team’s schedules or worry about time zones.
As your team grows, going digital will prove even more critical.


2. Ease of use

Technology should never become a barrier to learning. This means it’s important to choose a training platform that is easy to use both by your sales reps and by your training managers.

If a platform is difficult to access, navigate or customize in any way, your sales academy won’t gain traction, and you’ll have difficulty getting your team to do the courses and to focus on the knowledge you want to convey (as they will be too busy or too stressed dealing with a hard to use platform).


3. Easy to update content

In a fast-paced business environment, you need to be agile to stay competitive. You need to get the right information to your team in a timely matter, and keep them up to date on your product, pricing, processes, and so on.

To do that efficiently, your training managers need to be able to quickly publish and update training content.


4. Third party provider

Creating your own training platform is time and money consuming and a headache you can easily avoid. There is an immense variety of training platforms to choose from with different levels of features and costs. You can watch a demo of the bugle training platform here, and request a quote here.

by leaving the tech support and maintenance to the experts, you can focus on creating actual value with your course creation and offering a fully branded training experience to your team. This fosters a sense of familiarity, by maintaining your company’s visual identity throughout the student experience.


5. Video first

At this point in time, you are probably aware of why to use video in training so, instead of focusing on the advantages of the video format, we’ll share some technical considerations you should look out for.

So, make sure the platform you choose can host video content and that it ensures audio-visual quality across a wide range of devices and operating systems.


6. Additional formats

In addition to video, your platform should allow you to add all kinds of resources and different formats. This means you should be able to include spreadsheets, templates and presentations – anything a sales rep might need to help them perform better.


7. Interactivity features

It’s important to keep your sales reps engaged before, during and after the training. This means using tools such as quizzes, Q&A, surveys and, of course, assessments. These will keep your sales reps engaged, help with knowledge retention and evaluation purposes.


8. Segmentation and personalization

When you are creating a sales training plan for your team there are a few things to consider. For example, the course creation pipeline, the sales skills training your team needs, how to deliver the right training to the right people (depending on role, seniority, region / location, product, etc.) and so on. This means you will need your sales training platform to allow you to segment your team and to define different learning paths for different individuals or teams.


9. Actionable reporting

Surely, this one is already on your mind. The more data you can get, the more you can analyze, improve the learning experience, and understand its impact on your business. Data is fundamental to confirm if your sales academy is doing its primary job: help your team be better in sales. This means your training platform should have detailed reporting on your training content and your team, and that you can use those metrics to understand the actual impact of the training on your team’s performance.


10. Certificates

Lastly, the training platform you choose should allow you to offer certification. Offering a certificate at the end of a course is a great way to motivate your sales reps, since they’ll have proof of their achievements and feel more confident in what they have learned.

And that’s it! If you keep these criteria in mind when choosing a training platform to host your sales academy, you’ll surely choose the right one.  

To learn more about how to create, launch and run a successful sales academy in your company, you can take the “Managing an Online Sales Training Academy” certification course, for free, at the bugle Academy.

You can also learn more about how to setup an effective sales training programme in your company in this guide.

How to setup Sales training

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