How to align customer training with customer success goals

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When you create your customer training strategy, it is important to make sure your customer success goals are aligned with your training programme. This article will help you understand why this approach makes sense and how to make the most of this alignment.

Once you start thinking about aligning your training objectives with your customer success goals, there seems to be clear evidence that it will work: all businesses want to keep their clients happy throughout their entire customer journey. Happy customers will not only help you make a profit, they will also lift your reputation and help you grow your business. In fact, a company can claim to be customer-focused, but aligning their customer success goals with the overall business objectives is the only way to guarantee that this vision is fulfilled and executed.

What your customers want, most of all, is to succeed in using your product. Therefore, every training nugget you deliver must ensure you are helping them do so. Whilst you are planning your training efforts, is is important to define what success means for your customers: this will help you figure out what is it you need to do to help them get there. Your mindset should be: customer success = business success.

We recommend being very specific about your customer success objectives. Focus on areas you know could use some improvement (Onboarding? Product knowledge? New feature uptake?) and design a training programme that can help you tackle those. Remember that customer feedback and metrics are essential at this stage: your mandate is to listen to what they tell you and respond appropriately.

Is customer churn one of your pain-points? How can your training help mitigate it? If customers are getting to first value quickly, that usually means they are being offered a great onboarding experience and adequate product training that leads to strong product adoption and frequent usage.

You can also count on training to help you build customer loyalty, just make sure you keep your training content updated and keep on adding helpful and fresh material. You already know that a customer academy is a great way to offer easy-access learning content that can be found 24/7.

Finally, do not forget about customer skills. There are a few skills your customers might need to be successful, and if you work on closing that gap you are sure to help them improve. After all, with the right skills, your customers will be able to have better results using your product – and that’s key to preventing customer churn.

Is summary, and as a key takeaway, remember that support is a reactive strategy, while training is a proactive strategy (Training Industry).

Here's how to set up a successful and effective Customer Training programme in your company:

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Writen by João Pedro Magalhães
06-Aug-2020 10:45:00

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