Marketing, Sales and Customer Success: a partnership for growth

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Marketing, Sales and Customer Success are the 3 stages of the same process working to attain a shared goal – getting and retaining happy customers. However, in many companies the customer facing teams still work in silos instead of working together. There are many benefits to team up and here are some ideas on how to do it.

In this guide you find many practical activities  that can be implemented together, in stages, or separately. We’ve gathered these activities from what different companies do to tighten the bond between these teams, including some that we do here, at bugle.

In this approach, each of the teams keeps "dominion" over their own strategy, tactics, activities, tasks, goals and responsibilities. But with a huge difference: a helping community with expertise in the entire customer journey that is there to help each other be better at what each team needs to do.

It takes a community to grow your business. Here’s how to build yours!

Download the free guide here.

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Would you like to learn more about how Marketing, Sales and Customer Success can benefit from and work together to build a customer academy? Let's talk.

Writen by Joana, Maria and Rodrigo
01-Aug-2019 09:41:00

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