How important is the use of quizzes on your online training courses?

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Using quizzes on your training is not just about being interactive and keeping your audience alert. It is a very important educational asset. How come?

Quizzes have a two-way educational facet. On one hand, you get a lot of precious information about the quality of your content from your audience’s quizzes’ answers, and on the other hand, you make your courses more effective and efficient for your learners.


Here are 4 examples of how quizzes can elevate your online training to the next level:

1. Pre-validate knowledge

You can use quizzes in the beginning of your course or chapter to assess your learners’ current knowledge on the course topic. You can use this information, not just to understand what’s the level of knowledge of your training audience before starting but also to compare how much they retained in the end of the course, by using quizzes as an evaluation asset.

2. Help retain knowledge
By asking your learners to answer quizzes, you are asking them to re-think the subject and “organize” it in their minds in order to answer the question(s). This is a great way to increase retention and improve understanding.

3. Keep learners engaged
A quiz is an interactive moment. Besides all the educational benefits of taking a break and answering a question, it is very important to keep your students engaged by creating these interactive moments.


4. Keep learners on track

If you are providing training, you certainly want to know if you are being successful. Presenting quizzes throughout the learning path helps you understand your learners’ challenges, that is, the effectiveness of the training, learn what is working or not, and act accordingly.


So, are you using quizzes in your training already? Get your bugle on!

Writen by Ana Luísa Morgado
05-Nov-2018 09:51:00

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