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How educational content helps your business grow

3 min read Joana Fonseca, Head of Marketing & Inbound Sales

Educating leads and customers is very important: from communicating with a large number of potential customers, to retaining your existing customer base. High-quality content builds trust and credibility, making it easier to be found online, generating more leads and keeping your customers engaged and happy. But you need to make sure you are there when your customers and potential customers are looking for education in a subject related to your business.

There was a huge growth in content marketing efforts in the past few years for a reason: people want to learn, and companies cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity. We have already explored the different ways in which training can drive product adoption and how educating your customers can keep them engaged and reduce churn.

In this article, we will elaborate on the different moments educational content can have an impact on, helping you grow your business across the entire customer journey. If you only remember one thing from this article, it should be that the main purpose of your educational content is two-pronged: help your customers find you and accompany them throughout the entire customer journey from visitors to ambassadors.


How educational content helps your company grow

1. Demand generation

By creating and publishing content about your area of business, you are also creating an appetite for your product or service. Obviously, companies that can effectively increase customer consciousness about their offer will have a much easier time convincing them to make a purchase. The more your potential audience know about your area, the higher their demand for your solutions.


2. Brand awareness and market credibility

If you don’t aggressively push sales, but focus on providing help and relevant content instead, you will increase your credibility and become a thought leader in your field. If your prospects turn to you when they need help, education and thought starters, you will naturally be on the top of their minds when they need a product or a service like yours.


3. Lead generation

Online content is a fantastic way to increase lead generation because it incites conversion. Make sure you offer relevant content that is completely open (like blog articles, infographics and links to other interesting sources), in addition to more exclusive, gated content (such as eBooks and courses). Premium content that is accessible in exchange for contact details or business needs analysis will generate more qualified leads that will ease the conversation process.


4. Nurture your clients throughout their entire journey

You should offer great content that is relevant across all three stages of your buyers’ journey: awareness, consideration and decision. Nurturing your leads after conversion means helping them go through these three stages until they are qualified and absolutely ready to make a purchase.


5. Shorter sales cycle

If your leads are already familiar with your product and its main advantages, showing a full understanding of how it can effectively help them, selling it to them is easier and quicker. Properly qualified leads make the sales reps' job much easier: the relationship of trust they need has already been built during their journey throughout the marketing funnel.


6. Shorter and more productive customer onboarding

Having the right content available makes the customer onboarding process easier and quicker. By making learning content available in your online academy you are promoting self-sufficiency, allowing customers to digest the information at the pace that is most convenient to them, repeating whatever is necessary, and easily sharing your onboarding courses with new team members.  Educational content highlights product value and leads to faster adoption on the customer side.

Internally, it results in better cost effectiveness rates and higher team productivity, because it accelerates ramp-up time for onboarding new customers.


7. Increased satisfaction and retention

You already know why customer success is important and how helping your customers succeed should be your main focus. And by this we don’t simply mean product training: if you develop your clients’ related skills, they will be more apt to use your product and achieve better results from using it.

For example, if your product is an email automation platform and you teach your customers best practices about how to create and distribute effective marketing emails, they will be more successful overall and value your platform even more.

Quoting Dharmesh Shah, CTO at HubSpot, “People don’t value marketing software. They value marketing success”. We totally agree. In fact, the Hubspot Academy is one of the best examples of using educational content for every stage of the customer journey, from attracting new visitors to transforming their customers into brand ambassadors.


8. More effective up-selling and cross-selling

Sharing content that makes people better at their jobs promotes trust, and trust is key for up-selling and cross-selling. It also generates a deeper level of knowledge that will help your customers realise they might need another feature or to increase their usage of your product, effectively generating more revenue.


All in all, and in conclusion, an online video academy can help you with all of the points above. Implementing an online video learning platform doesn’t mean you should stop creating and sharing other type of educational content, but it will surely offer a boost to your efforts and a greater level of depth, trust and commitment in the relationships with your audience across the entire funnel.



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