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How educational content can help shrink sales cycles

2 min read Rodrigo Pessoa Jorge, Business Development Manager

Shortening the sales cycle is always a top goal for marketing and sales teams, however, it is one of the hardest KPIs to impact. In this article, we will share how you can use educational content to reduce this time to customer period, while also collecting all the other benefits of this solution.

When it comes to content, authors and industry experts have been advising business owners to let their websites do some of the heavy lifting for some time now. Particularly useful content to post online includes how-to guides to overcome customers’ known challenges, testimonials, and product information. No one will argue that the latter can be extremely useful when it comes to illustrating product value. The main purpose of today’s article is to help you understand how how-to guides and educational content in general can also be powerful sales enablement tools.

If you think of your company as a mechanism in which every team and business unit has their own purpose, it is easy to understand that the more every part is in tune with the remaining parts, the better. A well-oiled machine will undoubtedly work best!

In fact, when your content marketing and educational content is aligned with your sales funnel, it will become much more effective at guiding prospects throughout the entire cycle.

Offering customer education and sharing your knowledge offers a two-pronged benefit to sales. On one hand, when their prospects reach them, they’ll already have some previous knowledge and a stronger sense of their own needs that will make the conversations easier. On the other hand, your educational content can also be used during the sales process to help clients make informed decisions, deflect roadblocks and convert quicker: through training, you can communicate competitive advantages, help clients discover pertinent solutions to their challenges and create a stronger relationship based on trust and knowledge sharing.

We know that more than 70% of internet users conduct product research before they make a decision. Also, according to Forrester, 82% of buyers viewed at least five pieces of content from the winning vendor. This is another reason why content is now more essential than ever in the sales process. Looking at learning content and sales holistically, we can understand that learning content can be very effective to drive lead generation and to support the entire sales process.

As content creation is typically within the marketing scope, make sure you get together with your marketing colleagues and set a content strategy (or at least part of it) together, especially defining and creating content that you can use during your direct lead nurturing or to use as an “excuse” to reach out again.

In summary, when your potential clients are more informed about your product and understand how your solution can help them, by the time they reach sales, the conversation will shorter and easier, reducing the sales cycle. Also, by offering education, you are strengthening your relationship with trust – as by the time your leads become ready for sales they know your brand helped them out with helpful, relevant content.

Remember that quality supersedes quantity when it comes to creating content to help achieve sales objectives. That’s why offering training is a successful strategy: it’s not “salesy”, its goal is to help your customers be better at what they do, and it’s harder to replicate by competitors, giving your brand a competitive edge as the go-to name for knowledge in your market.

We have no doubt whatsoever that having high-quality, targeted learning content will help you shorten your sales cycle. Simultaneously, we are also quite positive that your Marketing, Sales and Customer Success teams will benefit from a rolling out more holistic approach to content, in which they all can be a part of and reap the benefits from.

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