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How bugle helps you overcome the three most common LMS UX problems

2 min read Joana Fonseca, Head of Marketing & Inbound Sales

A good user experience (UX) in your training platform is crucial to a better learning experience, engagement and overall success of your training programme.
If your training platform’s UX in bad, instead of focusing in the learning experience, your audience will be focusing in jumping technological barriers to get to what is really important: the training. Bad design and usability will add stress and frustration to the learning experience, keep the learners away and become a terrible barrier to overcome.

According to Brian Westfall, in his Capterra blog article about the three most common UX problems with Learning Management Systems (LMS), the most usual usability hindrances reported by learning platforms users are:

1. Poor navigation
2. Unengaging courses
3. Unacceptable smartphone integration

Westfall is very critical of each of these issues. He starts by describing navigation issues as nightmarish, using words such as “packed”, “head-scratching” and “anger-inducing”. The truth is, rough navigation will greatly damage any investment made: no one wants to use a platform that is clunky, buggy and basically unusable.                                                                

When it comes to content, Westfall describes some courses as “bland and unengaging”, mocking the 1990s feel some courses give out because they make use of limited tools that resemble Microsoft Paint’s colour scheme and pixelated look during that decade. If your final product looks antiquated and flawed, your message will come across as unimportant and weak.

Thirdly, as for smartphone integration, Westfall argues against treating smartphones as second-class devices, especially because mobiles have already surpassed desktops as the primary devices used to access the internet worldwide. He then explains the difference between fixed, fluid, adaptive and responsive layouts. The way learning courses will look and act on mobile devices can differ significantly and will ultimately make or break the learning experience.


So, how can bugle help you overcome such issues and deliver a smooth, enjoyable and effective learning experience?

1. Our design concept: radical simplicity

At bugle, we believe in keeping it simple for both the audience and the training managers! This means learners can easily access, find, watch and go back to the training content, in an enjoyable and simple screen. And anyone in your company can create, manage, publish and report on your training.

With good UX, the user will never need to think about what to do next, as that should be organic and require no thought process on their part. The thinking should be used for the learning part.


2. Training content: work with instructional design experts

There is one key component that is key to training success, regardless of the format or platform you choose: the training content.

It is important that your training is relevant, up to date, engaging and effective. And it is important that your audience feels that way about the knowledge you are sharing.

At bugle, we have a team of instructional design experts – our Digital Learning Solution (DLS) team – that help our customers in their training content creation in different ways.

The DLS team deliver turn-key course production, various workshops and consultancy sessions on specific steps of your course creation process. Having dedicated experts help can make a huge difference in retention, learning effectiveness, student engagement metrics and its end goal of impacting your business KPIs.


3. Seamless experience in any device

Bugle’s video training tool allows for a smooth learner experience across all devices. We know that accessibility, availability and flexibility are of prime importance to training effectiveness and efficiency and our ultimate goal is to deliver an amazing experience regardless of device. This will allow you to use bugle to make your training available to your customers, partners and team wherever they are, whenever they need it.


We believe online video training is the smart way to increase your reach and anchor the growth of your business. We’re here to help you get the most of your training, both in terms of training technology and in training content effectiveness.


Here are 2 videos with an overview of bugle’s student area and backoffice. You can also ask for a demo of the bugle training platform here.

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