How having a brand academy helps you generate qualified leads

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It is no secret that most lead generation strategies are outdated, ineffective and annoying. Do you agree that lead generation tactics need to be overhauled to become effective? This is where education marketing comes into play.

When was the last time you bought something for your business without doing a thorough research? And how much of this research did you do before talking to a sales rep or customer support?

If your answers to these questions are "yes", and "most of the research", then you are not alone. Did you know that 96% of business buyers want content from industry thought leaders to help them decide

Education marketing
harnesses the power of educational content — whether it is a blog, a newsletter, a how-to video or even a white paper — to easily transform potential customers into fully-fledged business leads who are worth pursuing and investing in.

If we strip it to the bare minimum, we can put it this way: your customers have questions, you have answers. Why not tell people what they want to know?

You can use content to attract, engage, qualify and convert your leads. You can bring them in with interesting articles, video training of your product or related skills, and different kinds of resources. This will help you learn more about your customers, their needs, their goals, what they are looking for, while increasing brand recognition, lead conversion, customer retention, and sales team happiness (after all, high quality and well qualified leads are a sales team's dream). 

You can draw the learning path in a way that will help you collect valuable data. Because you are offering high-quality content, you can request more data from your customer (name, email address, business area, interests, specific needs, business maturity). This will help you qualify the lead, but also help you create personalised marketing and sales campaigns using this data — following GDPR rules, of course!
By offering training, you will be helping your customers
choose to become a business lead for your product, and be the go-to brand for knowledge in your industry.

If you offer certification in the field of knowledge related to your product, you will help your customers understand the value of the product itself. For instance, if your product is a marketing automation software and you train your customers in email marketing and CRM management in addition to how to use your tool, you are strengthening the bond you have with them and increasing the likelihood of selling. Moreover, certifications can help you increase your reach because they are shared on social media, CVs and by word of mouth.

Your marketing KPIs will start going up and to the right: you will have more inbound leads, your lead's score will increase and the amount of information you collect will help your sales team close the deal.

In addition, you can use new training content as a reason to communicate with your leads. Messages that invite them to check out the new training module or the updated version of the training they’ve already completed are more likely to have an effect than generic marketing or sales emails.

There is clear evidence that companies that wrap their pitch in meaningful information are more likely to be effective closers. Positioning themselves as industry experts and the go-to brand for training in related topics sets them apart from the competition and allows them to warm their audience up before they are ready to make the transition from lead to customer (to ambassadors) by choice.

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Writen by Joana Fonseca
18-Oct-2018 11:54:00

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