Get actionable reporting on students’ evaluation and quizzes

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As you know, bugle offers detailed reporting on your training, audience and community tool. But, did you know you can also monitor and analyse your audience’s quizzes and evaluation results?

Interactivity features are a key part of your training, and serve multiple functions depending on where you place them in the course or training journey, and what content or questions you use.

With bugle, you can access actionable insights regarding your courses’ quizzes and evaluation, such as: number and % of correct and incorrect answers, date the answer was given by the students and student's answers.

You can see this as an aggregated data report, or in an individual student basis.

It is also possible to download these new reports, making students' quizzes and evaluation results (even) easier to monitor and analyse.

This type of reporting will offer you great insights in both students’ performance and training effectiveness and can be a fantastic source to improve your training and its impact on your business.


Want to see the full scope of bugle’s reporting feature? Schedule a demo and free trial and get your bugle on!



Writen by Carina Leal
18-Feb-2019 09:45:00

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