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Free editing tools: the bugle selection

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Every year, tons of new and exciting editing tools enter the market. We’re always looking for the ones that ease our way through creating fun and engaging content. We’ve selected a few so you can give it a go even if you’re not a multimedia expert. They all have a pretty simple and intuitive workflow and we’re sure you’ll be able to create great video content without going over your budget or pulling out hairs in despair. 

Here’s our video editing tools selection:


Powtoon is a great tool for microlearning. It’s a web based software with a ton of assets that allow you to create professional looking videos.  You can create animated videos from a variety of templates, build your own characters, structure presentations and record your webcam and screen. Basically, everything you need to create short and engaging videos. 

The interface is simple and intuitive enough. It resembles PowerPoint in the sense that each slide corresponds to a “scene” and inside each one you can configure the animations. If you’re used to working with a professional software it may get a little bit confusing. But overall It’s well organized by category and the customization possibilities are great.

You can export your videos to different social media platforms or PowerPoint in the free version. However, you can only export your videos to .mp4 with a paid subscription.

- Easy to use
- Different and interesting templates
- Character customization

- The free version is a little strict and won’t let you experiment with all the possibilities and customization.
- Being web based, it runs a little slower and may not work properly with a weak internet connection

Best for/suited for:
- Short animated videos like explainer videos to share complex ideas, concepts or products.



mmhmm is the most amazing tool if you’re looking to create engaging presenter videos.

It’s really simple and intuitive to use. You just need to have a webcam, upload your own assets (slides, images, videos, gifs...) to the timeline and use them as needed while you present. Don’t have the skills or software to create your own assets? Don’t sweat. Mmhmm offers a selection inside the app. It lets you insert text, images and funny gifs and choose different backgrounds.

You can do it live or in a meeting, since it has integrations with any other app that has a virtual camera (Zoom or Google Meet for instance). But, if you’re looking for a more structured video for your academy, you can record as many takes as you wish and make the video available later. 

Remember you can create a more polished and professional look with a good camera, nice lighting and external microphone.

- Easy to use
- App based so it doesn’t run slow like web based alternatives
- You can export to mp4 with a nice resolution
- The free version lets you have access to paid features 1 hour per day

Best for/suited for:
- Presenter videos
- Presentations
- Live webinars 



Pitch is a great tool to create presentation decks (a collection of slides). It may have less features when compared to traditional presentation software (like PowerPoint) but it’s especially useful if you’re missing a designer on your team and still want to make interesting and appealing decks (consider using Pitch to create polished decks and then go to mmhmm to record your presentation).

Pitch offers a variety of templates you can customize to better suit your needs. Simply export your deck to PDF and make it available as a document chapter or a downloadable resource in your online academy.

- Easy to use
- Variety of templates created by designers
- Free version

- Branded PDF in the free version 

Best for/suited for:
- PDF chapters
- Additional resources 



With Promo, you can access templates to create  professional looking videos. No editing experience needed!

It’s a great tool when you don’t have your own footage or music but still want to create an engaging video. Consider using it when you’re planning a teaser for your course or looking to create a short and appealing content to keep your learners engaged.

You can give it a try with the free version, but  you’ll miss most features and assets available.  But, if you need to deliver short video content on a regular basis, consider one of the paid subscriptions that better suits your needs.

- Extensive template library available.

Web based so it can run a little slow
limited in the trial version 

Best for/suited for:
- Short videos like teasers or communication materials. 

Do these software options still feel a bit overwhelming? Our advice is that you think about the output/ content you want. Then, check the software that better suits your needs and truly commit to it (check out last year’s
5 free tools for video creation selection as well).
You’ll probably spend a few hours discovering all the possibilities and exploring it. And that’s ok! There’s a learning curve to everything. Don’t get frustrated at first tries when it seems you’re getting nowhere. Even though these are supposed to be user friendly and help you with document and video creation, it takes time to master a new skill. Start with experiments and then go bigger with a real project. Take the anxiety off your shoulders and start creating. And if you’re still feeling overwhelmed, we’re here to help you every step of the way

Feel free to get in touch with our Digital Learning Solutions team for professional consulting. We’re happy to help you plan your first course.

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