Bugle: a video training platform so easy anyone can use it

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Tired of overly complicated training platforms? 

What if there was an online video training platform so easy to use that anyone on your company could easily manage, publish, report on, and help you improve business results? There is! Meet bugle. 

Bugle is a simple, effective and beautiful digital training platform for businesses.
It is an easy to use knowledge sharing tool that Sales, Customer Success, Operations, Marketing, HR and other key business units can easily leverage, whether you need to welcome new assets, share knowledge, teach skills or align messages, bugle is your instrument for success.

With bugle, anyone on your team can publish and share video training course, quizzes, challenges, articles, surveys and events, manage the audience members, and analyse and download detailed reporting.  

Also, it is easy to create your video courses. It only takes a smartphone and your team’s knowledge and creativity to create your video courses - simple, right? But if you feel like you don't have the time and resources to do the courses, don't worry, we've got your back - our Digital Learning Solutions team can help you on your video training production, and you can select from different types of involvement: from consulting with your team to delivering  turn-key video training courses.

What are you waiting for? Try bugle!





Writen by Carina Leal
25-Jun-2018 12:42:00

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