Offer customized feedback on your quizzes’ answers

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Quizzes are both an interactive feature and key to help retention and evaluation purposes. Offering your learners feedback on their quizzes responses is a great way to add value, guide students in their learning path, and add a bit of fun.

With bugle, you use text and / or images to offer feedback to your audience’s quiz responses.

How will this help you add value to your learners, and increase their knowledge retention?

-    By confirming why the answer is correct, you are re-enforcing a well learnt piece of information, and ensuring the learner knows why it is correct.

-    By explaining why the answer is incorrect, your learners will be able to get an immediate correction and, more importantly, understand why.

In both cases, you can use feedback to add additional information, present a fun fact that is not central to the content but helps retain the message, or even to suggest further readings on the subject - whether to deepen the content , or to recall where, in the course, they may find the explanation for the content approached in the quiz.

You can also use a humorous tone in your feedbacks. That reduces the pressure of this evaluation moment, and will add a bit of fun to your relationship. Also, people tend to respond better in the face of humor, or in a lighter environment.

As usual, the content, style and tone you select will ultimately depend on your audience and your  brand’s guidelines.

Get your bugle on!



Writen by Carina Leal
07-Jan-2019 11:52:00

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