Customer Onboarding Programme Analysis: Survey examples

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Onboarding is a crucial stage of your company’s relationship with a customer. In fact, it is so important that it’s many times a factor in customer churn when not done right. More than food for thought, the questions you should ask is: Is my customer onboarding programme effective? Is it helping my customers be successful using my product / service?
Although asking yourself these questions is a great first step, there are three other steps you should take to make sure this important process is having the effect it’s supposed to have.

The next step is to think about the goals you set for your customer onboarding process are being met. These goals should be both related to your customer related metrics (time to first value, product / service usage rates, satisfaction, retention, and so on) and your customer care team’s efficiency (time spent onboarding each customer, consistency, reach and so on).

Once you analyse your key metrics, it’s time to get feedback from the key stakeholders related to the onboarding process. These are your customers, of course, but also former customers and the customer care team(s) as well. To do this, use surveys that will help you get the information you need to understand what needs to be improved and what is already working well.

To help in this task, we created these survey examples you can use directly or adapt to your company’s reality and needs. To help the respondents be more comfortable with sharing their thoughts, we suggest that you make the surveys anonymous. This way you can make sure biased preconception are removed from the picture as you need actual facts, from those who matter the most when it comes to customers.

Finally, gather all the responses, organize them in a framework that will help you take action and do the necessary changes to your customer onboarding programme.

You can find more detailed information and a step by step process to create the perfect customer onboarding programme in The big eBook of Customer Onboarding, and stay tuned to the bugle Academy as there a new certification course coming up soon on this subject.


You can find the survey examples for customers, former customers and CS team(s) here:

Customer Onboarding Analysis survey examples


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Writen by Francisca Cordeiro
09-Sep-2021 09:15:00

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