Note taking without leaving the learning console on your video training platform? Yes, with bugle!

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Note taking during training helps with message retention and learner concentration. Bugle video training platform allows your training audience – customers, partners or employees - to easily take notes and save them for future reference. This way key take-aways will be available for the learners when they need to apply them in their business activities.

The note taking feature available on the bugle learning console allows your audience to easily take notes and download them as a pdf file, personalized with your logo. This means, your audience members will take your brand with them and see it every time they revisit their notes.

Also, think about how easy it makes your learners’ life. Imagine a sales team member watching a sales skills training course video on his commute and being able to easily take notes directly on the smartphone, without the needing a notebook or even to leave the learning console.

How easy is it? While the learners are watching the training video, they simply need to click the “note” button bellow the video area, write what they want and click “save”. And don’t worry about them missing a thing, as the video is automatically paused while taking notes.

Make sure your training message reaches and sticks to your audience, whether it is your sales rep taking a sales skills course to improve performance or a partner learning how to assemble your product in the most efficient way. No need for excuses. It’s so easy and flexible!

Now, it’s time to take note: get your bugle on!



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Writen by Carina Leal
06-Aug-2018 12:41:00

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