Bugle platform evolution: summary of the new features of 2021

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At bugle, we are continuously making improvements to our training platform. Whether it’s a new feature or an update, our goal is to make it as easy-to-use as possible and make user experience, both in the backoffice and in the student area, simple and enjoyable. And this is not just talk. As 2021 comes to an end, we are sharing the top new features and updates we did this year, driven by your feedback, and deep analysis of what we can do to help you drive results-oriented training in your company.

What are bugle’s top new features and updates from 2021?

1. New training content formats


Although bugle continues to bet on a video-first training format because of its huge benefits in terms of retention and engagement, it’s also important to open the doors to a wider array of content formats while maintaining a smooth experience for the learners.
Now, you can add documents as course chapters that can either be viewed directly in the platform (PDF chapter) or downloadable if you opt for other formats such as Word or Excel. 

You could already add documents to the course as additional resources, but now you can make them the featured item in the course console as well. 

But there is more news in the training content formats. You can now also add external content as course chapters, such as YouTube videos and Loom videos.


2. Making it easier to create training content in bugle


There are plenty of news in this chapter, as usual! Continuing to make bugle easier to use it always on the top of our priorities and, of course, front and centre on our product roadmap.  

So, adding to this ease of use, the new content formats such as YouTube and Loom videos can easily be added to your courses. You can add a YouTube or Loom video by simply adding its URL to the respective chapter. Also, you can record Loom videos directly from the bugle backoffice, and they become instant course chapters. 

And that’s not all. We’ve made quiz creation easier with a new layout and added a few more options to the currently available ones.

Finally, the course structure templates feature, already available before, is now more visible (moved to the sidebar) and its usage has been improved with a few more options so you can have and create your own pre-defined course structures, making it even quicker to create a new course. Our Digital Learning Experiences team is also available to you to help create the best course structures for each course’s goal. 

3. New language available: Arabic


As our client base extends throughout the world, new language needs come up. And we’re here to meet those needs. This year, we added Arabic to eleven languages already available.
Having your training platform available in your customers, partners or employees’ language is a great way to make it more inviting, engaging, easier to navigate and, of course, it shows that you care.

4. Categorize a course easily


You know it’s important to keep your course catalogue organized. This year,  we’ve made it easier to assign a category to a course so it’s now also possible to categorize a course at the exact moment of its publication. 


5. Customized email communications update


In the bugle platform, there are many ways you can communicate with your audience: from direct messages to automated notifications. One of these options is the customized emails feature, where you can, in the backoffice, send ad-hoc emails to your training audience. This year, we made it easier to select the recipients of your personalized emails, and you can now select an audience group from your list, copy and paste the email address list from a file, or simply select students individually.


6. Upload students using an XLS file


You can now use an XLS file to upload your student list to the platform, adding to the already available audience upload via a CSV file. 


7. Even more information for reporting

As you know, bugle offers detailed reporting so you can have a deep analysis of both training and learners, and to help you have a great view of how your training influences your business results.
This means we continuously add metrics you can analyse and improve the dashboards you get in different parts of the backoffice. Some of the detailed metrics we added this year are: course last view (last time each student visited each course), training time and last access to the academy, adding to the student engagement analysis metrics, and allowing you to take action to invite the students back in to your academy. 

We also added new metrics to the course catalogue page, such as the percentage of conclusion of each course per student, and you can now also export the data on this page where you could already identify all the students that have access to each course and what percentage of the course each student has already completed. 

8. Security, stability & bug fixes

Last, but not at all least, is another one of our top-of-mind considerations and front-runner in our product roadmap. We take security and privacy very seriously and so we continuously work to keep our platform secure. As bugle evolves and new features and updates are launched, so does our work in maintaining security and making sure the bugle platform is stable. 

This is important work our product team does continuously throughout the year, together with bug fixes. For the most part, you won’t even notice them, as they occur in the background so, instead of listing a bunch of technical gibberish most of us won’t understand, we’re sharing the one that is more visible to you: password reinforcement in the sign-up page. 

In the registration process of any platform, it’s important to create a password that is as strong as possible for security and data privacy reasons. So, to protect all our users, we updated this step of the registration to help each user create an adequate and secure password. With this reinforcement, only strong passwords are allowed, thus ensuring a higher protection.

That’s it for our selection of the top features and feature updates we did this year. If you would like to learn more about these or other features, reach out to the bugle team. If you would like to learn more about the operations and decision-making of bugle’s product team, here’s a behind the scenes article you may find interesting. 


For all these activities to take place, we count on our multidisciplinary bugle team, our awesome customers, our bugle blog readers, our bugle Academy students, our social media followers, and our leads that contribute with their feedback, ideas, and support. Thank you all for being part of the bugle community!


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Writen by Joana Fonseca
16-Dec-2021 09:09:00

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