Bugle platform evolution: summary of the new features of 2020

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The bugle platform is constantly evolving, both in new features and updating existing ones. In this article, we are sharing a summary of the top new features and feature updates launched in 2020. Check them out!

Top new features and improvements to the bugle platform in 2020

New type of Assessment

This new type of course assessment chapter allows for more flexibility when designing your courses’ assessments. Within this new development you now have an unlimited number of questions, a customizable minimum score to pass and shuffle & questions pool options.

YouTube videos as course chapters

You can now add YouTube videos as chapters in your training courses. This new functionality is easy to use and the course chapter assumes the duration of the YouTube video added as time spent in training, while the student views it directly in the bugle platform.

“Last access” in the audience page

The “Last access” information was added the audience management page, allowing you to quickly check each student’s last access date to the bugle platform.

Add students to the backoffice tool improved

Adding students to the backoffice is one of the more important and often used tools, and with this in mind we revised and improved it. Now it is possible to Add/Remove multiple students to different groups directly in the same CSV file upload, get an overview of the total students uploaded and see a summary per group and of existing errors in the CSV file before uploading.

Reports performance improvement

“Last view” in the reports training page
As in the audience page, the “Last access” information was added to the course data page in the reports area, adding to the already detailed reporting of the bugle platform.

Usage metric improvement
Performance and other usage metrics are continuously being added to our reporting area to make it even more complete, and faster to load all the data.

User guide and sidebar labels in the backoffice

If you have any question about a feature or how to use it, you can now also check bugle’s complete and easy user guide right in the backoffice. This helpful feature joins a series of different ways you have available to learn more about how to use the bugle platform and how to make the most of it. You can find them in the bugle blog, in our resources page, and at the bugle Academy.

“To Do” page in the courses area (Learner area)

The new “To Do” area in the courses page in the frontoffice allows students to have a quick view of the courses they have not started or finished yet. This helps them stay focused on the training available that they need to complete.

New language added: Russian

You can now see bugle’s backoffice and frontoffice in Russian. This new language adds to the already more than 10 languages available in the bugle platform.

These are some of the top features and improvements of 2020. Throughout the year, our product team is constantly working on making the bugle platform better, simpler and (even) easier to use for both our customers and their students.

Want to learn more? You can download the complete features guide here, in the bugle blog, in our resources page, and at the bugle Academy, or reach out to bugle team.

There are three free ways to see a bugle demo: as a video, as a course, or in a one to one personalized video call. Choose your favorite format here.


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Writen by Carina Leal
11-Feb-2021 09:30:00

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