Learning on the go? With bugle responsive video training tool, you can!

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With bugle, your employees, customers and partners can easily access your company’s training with any device, at any time, wherever they need it, maintaining consistency and a smooth user experience. Bugle’s responsive video training tool allows you to have it all that.

Think about this: how much of your professional day is on the go? How much of what you do is on a mobile device? And how much of what you can’t do on mobile or tablet, do you wish you could? Well, your training audience feels the same way!

Accessibility, availability and flexibility – this is key for training effectiveness and overall training and business results.

Eliminate disruption by providing your customers, partners and employees a way to access knowledge and training whenever they need it. For example, consider these everyday situations:
- your sales rep is waiting on the car for his next meeting and looks for training on how to handle objections or on how to explain your new service
- Your distribution partner that needs information on the spot while delivering your product to your customer
- your customer that is outside the office and needs to learn how to use a specific product feature
- your customer service rep that needs to understand your latest product update on his commute
- the new employee, in a different location, that needs on-boarding and compliance training
How many more examples like these can you think off, just by looking around in your company?

The truth is – as you probably have noticed or even experience it - that we live in a multi-device era. It is not unusual for your learners to start the training on the computer, then continue it on their smartphone during commute, and even finish it at home, on a tablet. And your training audience expects you to deliver this level of accessibility.

Also, with a responsive platform like bugle, you save time and money as you will only need to do one version of your video training course, and the platform will allow for the smooth responsive experience across devices.

Get your bugle on, in any device!

Mobile friendly bugle video training

Writen by Carina Leal
03-Sep-2018 17:29:00

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