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1 min read Carina Leal, Product Manager at bugle

Reporting is a big part of business. After all, how can you know if any activity was successful if you can’t measure its impact on your team or company results? Reporting on training is highly important as it can be one of the major drivers behind customer, partner and employee KPIs.

Bugle is a very easy to use training platform that allows your company to offer great training and share all kinds of important business information with your key business stakeholders. That is why bugle is equipped with highly detailed reporting about your training content - courses, documents, assessments, quizzes, connect tool engagement, etc.;  and on all your learners's activities in the platform in detail - from the courses each person started to the specific details such as if they have answered correctly or not each quiz question. 

All activities are monitored, allowing you to have access to a detailed reporting that you can filter by  individuals or groups of learners, time periods, content and so on.

With all this downloadable organised data, you can easily understand the training’s impact on your business results as whole, for specific target audiences and even for individuals.

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