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Customer Success Team: How can we help you?

3 min read Francisca Cordeiro, Head of Customer Success

Bugle’s Customer Success team’s main goal is to guarantee that our customers achieve their desired outcomes with our platform, making sure that everyone who starts using bugle does not want to hear about any other solution! Maybe it seems easy, but doing it right means an ongoing relationship-building process and a dedicated client-first team.  

The first and most crucial step in Customer Success is the Onboarding stage, when we set the stage for a long-lasting successful relationship, and the opportunity to help out clients get to first value quickly. This culture of trust and adding value is something that we are aware of every day on each customer interaction to guarantee that we keep strengthening this partnership.

A good onboarding is key for the long-term success. At this phase, we focus on two things:

1. Demonstrate the deep value and benefits of our product: teaching and helping customers to take full advantage of bugle’s features. At this phase we have several key activities: platform setup, demo calls, define the communication plan, daily support until everything is ready to launch. Additionally, is during the onboarding when we share with customers our bugle Academy courses with the main tips to make the most of our platform, and bugle’s User Guide. This support content is available 24/7. At this stage, customers know they have our support, but they must feel comfortable with the product and be ready to use it autonomously.

2. Understand what success means for each customer and define the main goals and KPIs they want to achieve with the academy. The goal will vary according to the type of use case (sales training, customer training, internal training, etc) and the scope of the training. Clearly defining the training and business metrics clients want to achieve will allow us to work together in training initiatives that will actually impact their business results.

Once the onboarding is completed the journey is ready to start!

Customer Service is one of the main ways of communication between bugle and customers. Once the platform is launched, bugle’s Customer Success team is ready to offer operational support to help clients with specific needs, solving single tickets, doubts and listen to their improvement tips and suggestions. We always try to focus on quality and speed of resolution on any topic so that our clients know that we are listening to them and taking care of any issues, even when it’s something we can’t provide immediately. Customer Service is our day-to-day contact with the customers, and we work to guarantee that any customer has a great experience with bugle when they reach out for help.

Besides the ongoing support, proactively measuring training success and customer engagement is part of our daily activities. If we want to guarantee that training the audience will positively impact our clients’ business results, we must analyse some metrics to access the effectiveness of training initiatives:

- Platform training metrics: we analyse training metrics (which means if the training content is performing well). These metrics are automatically measured by the bugle platform and can give us an overview of how the training activities are going: number of registered students, courses started, completion rate, average assessment grades, learner feedback, usage time and more. All these metrics allow us to understand if adjustments need to be made in the process. If training is not working for the audience, it will not impact business results in a positive way.

- Business results: to prove the effectiveness of training on business results, we need to analyse goals and KPIs settled by the customer on the onboarding phase, by crossing references with the before and after training business results. If you want to know more, please check the guide “How to prove online training impact?”.

Based on the training results and students’ engagement, we also offer our clients tips and suggestions to improve those metrics, for example: how to improve their training content, how to increase audience’s engagement with their Academy, and so on.

Our mission is to make sure we are helping our clients to be successful using our product. Every phase of the customer journey can impact Customer Success results, which is why we also work closely with Marketing and Sales teams.

These results are measured in terms of usage rates, customer engagement and trust, satisfaction, retention, up-sell opportunities, churn and so on.

Enabling successful customers leads to bugle’s success!


Learn more about Customer Onboarding in "The Big eBook of Customer Onboarding": 
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