Use bugle's organisation features to ensure a better training experience and improve training results

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With bugle, you can train different types of learners such as customers, partners, sales reps or employees. And you can also segment what each learner type has access, based on its location, language, seniority or function. With all these possibilities, keeping your online training courses organized is key to both your learners’ experience and your training managers efficiency. With bugle, you can easily do that.

For your learners, having an organized academy is critical to ensure a good training experience. Each learner will only have access to their own specific training, instead of looking through a large and uncategorized list of courses and resources.

Bugle also has a very simple back-office allowing for anyone in your company to create, publish, manage and report on your training, using easy to use training organization features such as audience management and segmentation, courses categorization and class sessions management.

Using these organization features, you can easily allocate groups of learners to specific courses. For example, you can define that a specific sales reps team should do product “A” related training, while another sales team can be set to access only product “B” training.  And you can also make this segmentation on an individual level. If you have a team member in need of a specific skill training or if you want to offer a new partner access to on-boarding mandatory certification courses - this can all be done with bugle.

Also, having your training organized in groups of learners, course categories and class sessions will enable your training reports to be clear and easy to interpret. This will allow you to understand who are the learners - or group of learners - making the most of your training and if that is reflected in their business results.

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Writen by Carina Leal
20-Aug-2018 10:02:00

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