Announcing the new and improved version of the bugle website

1 min read Joana Fonseca, Head of Marketing & Inbound Sales

A fresh new look, more product videos, more digital learning services, more training and industry solutions, three free demo options, and more customer feedback. What remains the same? Lots of free educational content for you.

Here's a summary of what's new: 

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What changed in the new bugle website?

 A fresh new look

As our product evolves, our brand evolves with it. This means it was time to give the bugle website, and our brand assets a fresh new look. 

More product videos

One of the things everyone always says about the bugle training platform is that is beautiful and super easy to use. So, why not show more of the platform in our website? Check them out at the Training Platform and Features pages.

More Digital learning Services

Our Digital Learning Experiences team can help you with more than creating turn-key courses or help in different stages of the course creation process. There are many different services available to help you offer the best learning experience or train your team to be able to create effective and efficient training content in-house. Check out the Digital learning Services here.

More solutions 

Regardless of your business unit or industry, we have the best training solutions to help you achieve your goals and make the most of a digital academy. You’ll find plenty of solutions to choose from, by Industry or by training: Customer Training, Sales Training, Partners Training, Employee Training and Brand Academies. And, of course, the bugle team is always here to help.

More customer feedback

We love our customers, and we’re happy and proud to say our customer love us too. Check out their testimonials and client stories throughout the website. 

Three free demo options

You also have three free demo options to choose from: watch a demo video, demo as a course, or a personalised demo with a member of the bugle team. 

There is one thing that doesn’t change, though

Tons of educational content to help you make the most of digital training and how to leverage training to achieve your goals with Customer Training, Sales Training, Partners Training, Employee Training and Brand Academies. You can find all this helpful content at the bugle blog, the bugle Academy (free courses), and at our resources page.

Welcome to the new and improved bugle website! 

Check out the new version of the bugle website

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