8 Common Misconceptions about Video Training

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It is well understood that video has taken the world by storm: there are more than 1 billion active users on YouTube today, and close to 400 hours’ worth of video content is uploaded to this platform every minute. In addition, video training platforms are increasingly becoming the go-to solution for companies to educate their customers, partners and employees.

Despite this growing trend, the video production process is often misunderstood, which leads to preconceived ideas that prevent businesses from adopting this technology. We have compiled a list of the most common misconceptions and the reason why they don’t hold true.  We are firm believers in the power of online video training and want to bust the myths around video production.

8 common misconceptions about video training

1. Creating a video is expensive

Not true! Thanks to the internet, the reduced costs of equipment and technology, and the existence of affordable production companies, professional video creation is quite inexpensive nowadays. You should also remember that you can easily create a training video using a smartphone, some creativity, a few tricks and a set of free editing tools.


2. Video production is very time-consuming

Not really!  As long as you prepare adequately, you can expect your video training creation process to take no longer than 8 steps. We are sharing each of the 8 steps separately so stay tuned to the bugle blog to collect all the steps.


3. You need to be a video creation wizard

Nope! You can easily make a video look professional with a few simple tricks from any free editing tool. Most of this software requires no particular editing or tech skills. If you do choose to be the host yourself, here are some tips to be on the camera ready.


4. Only videos that are broadcasted live can be engaging

Of course not! What makes a video engaging is not the fact that it is happening live — it's the presenter, the interactions, the pace, the relevance of the content... There are multiple ways to ensure your training is appealing and fun to complete, none of which entails synchronous communication with your audience.


5. You need a computer to complete an online training course

Not at all! Some platforms, like bugle, will allow you to access your training content from any device: tablets, phones, netbooks…


6. Video training platforms are boring and difficult to use

Only poorly designed ones! You should know that not all platforms are the same. While some learning management systems may seem clunky and obsolete, others will be intuitive and beautifully designed. This is why you should always request a demo to ensure you are comfortable with the usability of the platform before you go for it.


7. The quality of video training is lower than face-to-face classes

Absolutely not! Uninformed people might think training videos are long, boring and ineffective, or that there is no interaction. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Video is the format with higher retention rate, and its flexibility allows you to be creative, effective and engaging when conveying your training content. Also, a great video training platform will have some interactivity features you use such as quizzes, surveys, Q&A, challenges, community tool.


8. The investment hardly pays off

But it does! Video has in fact proven to effectively decrease your learning and development costs. We invite you to calculate the return on investment of online video training:

ROI Calculator for Customer Education (customer success, satisfaction and retention)
ROI Calculator for Sales Training (sales team performance improvement)
ROI Calculator for Partners Training (partners efficiency, standards and engagement)
ROI Calculator for Brand Academy (marketing, lead generation and product demand)

Bugle is a video training platform that is easy to use, simple, intuitive and beautiful. Get in touch if you want to learn more or talk about how you can leverage video training in your company!


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Writen by Inês Lemos
13-Dec-2018 12:42:00

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