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7 ways to improve sales training in your company

3 min read Rodrigo Pessoa Jorge, Business Development Manager

Does your organisation already provide sales training? Excellent! Could you make it better? Probably… We have put together a list of tips that will help you evaluate and adjust your sales academy. Our goal? Help you improve the effectiveness of your sales training.

The only way to know whether your sales training programme is working is to track and measure its results and talking to your team openly about it. This will give you a better view of what is working, what is missing and what needs to be improved or revamped altogether. Many sales seminars are not designed to foster practice: learners end up only taking away a very small percentage of the information. What is worse: according to HBR’s 2017 research stats, “most people that complete a live training will forget over 87% of what they learned within 30 days”.


So, what do you need to keep in mind when evaluating your sales training programme?

1. Diversify your learning journeys

It is important to create different learning paths based on diverse seniority levels, previous experience, product knowledge and skills. Not all employees are the same, and your training offers should reflect that. Furthermore, considering there are many styles and preferences for learning, some companies have also started diversifying their training methods, offering different ways to learn. Videos work even better when combined with in-field exercises and give your learners the flexibility to move at their own pace and watch refreshers as needed.


2. Evaluate your content

You should do a critical evaluation of the training content you are offering now. Is it all actually helping your team do their jobs better? Do you have both product and skills training? Are there enough efficiency-enabling courses, showing them how to use the CRM tool and follow effective sales processes and best practices? And how relevant does it all seem from your sales team perspective?

After you review your content offering, you can add, remove or change what needs to be adjusted. It is also very important to keep your content engaging, relevant and up-to-date.


3. Collect feedback (and act on it)

The key to great training is how relevant and applicable you are able to make it. Are your courses effective? Do your sales reps feel like they actually learned something which they are able to use in real-life situations? Are training sessions enjoyable? Measure, measure, measure, and talk to your sales team in order to make it better. If you don’t know how to go about updating your course content, you can get help from an instructional design team to create or update your courses. They will be able to make it interesting and way more effective. Also, enabling video training solutions will delight your learners and do wonders for completion rates and productivity.


4. Offer a robust training platform

With an online training platform, you can upload and store thousands of courses, as well as a multiplicity of supporting materials (videos, slides, text documents and other formats). In addition to high-level reporting on training stats, such a platform will simplify access and navigation for your sales reps, making training much more enjoyable.


5. Availability is key

Is all of your training available online? Can your sales reps access it at any time? If your answer is no, now is the time to “go digital”. Your training content needs to be accessible anytime, anywhere and from any device: precisely at the time when your reps need it the most. What’s the use of a sales playbook if it is locked in a stale binder in the office?


6. Launch a certification programme

We already know that there are multiple benefits to having a certification programme. Internally, this is a great way to recognise your sales reps’ efforts and make it a proud moment for them to get the certification, boosting their morale and motivation.


7. Communicate effectively

We recommend letting learning and training permeate your corporate speech to become part of your culture. Make an effort to effectively engage your sales reps with the academy, reminding them of the importance of training. It might seem an overstretch but why not create a simple communication plan for your sales academy?


If you are thinking about or on the process of setting up Sales training in your company, here is a guide that can help you through the 6 steps process.

How to setup Sales training


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