7 tips to solve company growth challenges

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Growth is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? It means there are many things you are doing well. However, it also means your team and you will need to deal with the challenges it brings. But, don’t worry! If your company was able to generate growth, now it will be able to overcome its challenges. And here are some tips to help you.

How to solve the challenges of growing a business?

1. Hire the right people
Choose the right people to lead your teams and the right team players to be in it. Make sure your new team members understand what phase the company is in, and they are properly instructed to help the company find sustainable solutions for internal processes. Give them autonomy and room to test and pilot the solutions they bring forward!

2. Create and document your key processes and systems
Develop defined systems for handling customer problems, planning production or distribution, managing inventory, ordering supplies, etc. Make sure your key processes (sales, customer onboarding, product development, etc.) are well documented and clear for the entire organization in a transparent way and communicate these processes openly and to the entire team.

3. Delegate more
Lead by example: get out of the way from operational decision-making and tell your team leaders to follow through.

4. Foster open communication and active listening
Make sure there are internal mechanisms in place (meetings, electronic channels, etc.) so that everyone can participle by both bringing an issue to everyone’s attention or offer a solution to a previously reported situation. It’s important that all team members are fully aware of the most pressing company issues and feel they can be part of the solution.

5. Specialize
Growth will force people to move from generalist roles into more specialized, focused functions. Make sure these new specialists clearly understand their roles and responsibilities.

6. Training
Set up and run an onboarding and continuous training programme for your team. Use your online academy to offer your employees not only product and skills training, but also to convey the company culture, vision, mission and to foster a sense of belonging.

7. Go digital and scale your knowledge sharing in all fronts
A sales academy will allow your sales team to grow, ensuring your sales pitches are consistent and reducing the needs of more expensive offline onboarding and training. Your sales people will find the information they need when they need it, anywhere and anytime.

A customer academy that is available to your customers 24/7 will help your customer make the most of your product, driving retention and engagement. This Customer Academy will also help your Customer Success team reduce the time spent in generic tickets that are already covered by the academy, so your company can be more efficient in its growth.

A partners academy will allow your operations and partners management teams to save time and money on onboarding and training. Whether they have channel partners, agents, consultants, distributors, franchisees… you can ensure a consistent onboarding and training on your platform, products, regulations, processes, message and so forth.

A brand academy can help your marketing team share high quality content about your product, your technology, skills related to the usage of your product, and any related topics, generating high quality leads for your sales team and assuring all your product knowledge rests in one place that is available for the market.


An online video training solution will help you handle most of your growth challenges across your company and help your learning audience – regardless of who they are – to be better at what they do. And that brings joy and benefits to everyone. Just make sure you select the right training platform for your needs and get started!


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Writen by Joana Fonseca
27-Jun-2019 09:58:00

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