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7 bugle features you should be using in your training

3 min read Joana Fonseca, Head of Marketing & Inbound Sales

The bugle platform has plenty of interesting features to help you be more efficient and effective in onboarding, training and sharing knowledge with your customers, partners or team. Considering all the different features available, we decided to share seven of our favourites that, if you are not using yet, you are missing out.

7 bugle features you should be using

1. Create personalized learning paths

Sometimes it is important for your audience to follow a defined learning path, meaning, do courses in a specific order. This can be used in different ways, for example, when onboarding customers or sales reps, you may want them to take the welcome course before they move to product training and then skills training. You can also define different levels of expertise and have your audience begin their journey with a starter level course and only after completion move to the level 1 course, and so on.

There are many reasons to use this feature and create a personalized experience for to your audience members, either in groups of matching criteria or even individual students.
Learn more about learning paths here.


2. Add customized feedback to your quizzes’ answers

Did you know you can add customized feedback to your quizzes depending on your students’ answers? Whether your audience answered correctly or incorrectly to your quiz questions you can include a custom message to congratulate a correct response and reinforce the information, and you can use the feedback for an incorrect answer to explain why it is incorrect and what would be the right answer.
This is a great way to increase retention and engagement, and you can even add a bit of humour to the feedback.
Learn more about customizing feedback on courses’ quizzes here.  


3. Make it a brand experience

Whether your audience members are customers, partners or team, it is important to offer a true brand experience. Make them feel that they are within your brand’s universe. The way to achieve this is by personalizing your academy with your logo, colours, fonts, images and overall visuals. With bugle, you can personalize all this and more and make it a truly immersive brand experience.  
Learn more about customizing your academy to your brand’s image here.


4. Increase engagement by sharing quick information

Engagement is key to maintain a successful academy and with bugle’s Community tool you will be able to reach your audience regularly with simple and quick information that you may have easily available. This can be articles, news, polls, events, videos, announcements and so on. It’s a great way to keep your audience involved and remind them of your academy.
Learn more about bugle’s community tool here.

5. Interact with your audience before, during and after training

There are different ways to engage with your audience that will allow you to interact before, during and after each course. Bugle has a variety of interactivity options that you can benefit from using. Quizzes, challenges, surveys, assessments, feedback, automated notifications, personalized emails. There really is no reason to have low engagement if you are using the different interactions available to you.
Learn more about the interactivity features and how you can use them here.


6. Match your training content to specific learner profiles

Your audience has different functions, different languages, different products, different seniority, different territories, different stages in the buyer journey, internal or external audience, partners or customers… and this means you will need to make different courses available to different segments of your audience.

In the bugle platform, you can easily match parts for your audience with specific courses or learning paths. You can find more information on learner management here, and here’s an article about matching content with learner profiles.


7. Leverage all the details of reporting

As you know, bugle offers detailed reporting on your training and audience, allowing you to drill down into deeper levels of data. Within all the metrics available to you in the reporting area, there are two that are commonly overlooked: “Top 10 searched words” and “Student feedback”.

However, if you are not using this information you are missing out. Here’s why. When you analyse what your audience is searching in your academy, you can understand what they need and what they are expecting you to have available for them. Here’s an example, if your audience is searching for information on a specific feature of your product, this means on one hand, that they need it, and on the other hand that you either don’t have it or it not easy to find. This Intel is super important and, sometimes, with a simple change, you are making a huge difference in your audience’s experience.

The student feedback metric will help you have a better understanding of the how happy your audience is with your course. The relevance and quality of the content you make available in your academy is critical to whether or not you will achieve the goals you set out to accomplish. With this metric, you can understand if you need to change or adapt your content to make sure your audience is getting what they need from it.

If you are unsure about the available metrics in your academy and how you can use them to strategize and improve your training, or if you want to learn more about starting to use the features we mentioned, reach out to our amazing customer success team.


If you are not a bugle customer and you want to take a peek at the bugle platform, check the front and back office videos here. If you are ready to try bugle, you can also reach out to the bugle team and ask for a free bugle demo.

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