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5 reasons to include online training in your vacation packing

3 min read Inês Carneiro, Learning Experiences Consultant

After so long closed at home we are all ready for vacations! Hot months are here and there's nothing better than choosing a destination to “escape” from the walls we've seen every day for months!
Although we continue to live with some restrictions and prevention measures, not all is bad! The pandemic accelerated the trend, which was already in place, for many companies, universities and various institutions to provide online training. The offer is huge and what better opportunity to gain more knowledge in that area about which you have been so curious for so long, than on vacation?

Of course, you might be thinking that taking quizzes or answering discussion posts aren't exactly the activities we have in mind when we think about vacations. But, like everything else nowadays, you can take training with you on vacations whether to the beach, countryside or city walks, as most training platforms allow you to access its contents via tablet or smartphone. We can reconcile all of this with a training subject that you like and fulfills you personally and professionally. In short, balancing training in the vacations while having fun is not impossible anymore!

Here are five reasons why you should include online training in your vacation packing:

1. Extend your stay

If you combine online training with vacations, you can spend more days at your destination. If you are planning a long family vacation to a new destination or to visit a relative, online training is the perfect choice to stay on track with classes. With online training, schedules can be adjusted as per your plans, as the study materials can be downloaded and carried in a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. It can be accessed anytime, anywhere to learn new topics or just to review previous ones.

In the past we could only take a few days of vacation a year, but with online training we can increase our days away from home, combining trips to the beach, walks through the fields or trips to a museum, with training sessions. At the end of the stay we will have more knowledge and we will be more rested, all at the same time!


2. Get the most of commuting

Whether you are traveling by air, sea or land, you may be spending a lot of time commuting. This is the time one can utilise the most for training.

Furthermore, how many times have you planned your holidays trying to reduce travel time as much as possible? Did you even pay more just to do shorter trips?

If you combine online training with travel, this problem can become an advantage! You can save money, get to your destination, and get certified in your favourite subject area!

Vacations are a great time to just unwind and reboot. One of the perks of online training is that you don't have to take a week off to go on a trip — you can take the classes with you.


3. Fill downtime

Generally, not every minute on a vacation is spent doing activities; there is some downtime. This downtime can be use for training. Think about it: on your past trips, were you the first one awake in the morning waiting for the rest of your family or friends?; or are you a night owl and tend to stay up after your family goes to bed?; maybe your family takes breaks during the day where everyone tends to do their own thing? You can certainly find time to work on your training, even when you are away.


4. Learn a new skill

Possessing technical and professional skills is necessary to gain a competitive edge. Mastering new skills can help you become happier, healthier, and more successful and, who knows, be rewarded in your professional context in the process. That’s the reason we can find many companies and professional institutes offering various skill-based vacation courses. Career skills, Life skills, and Health & Wellness skills are highly valued nowadays. These vacation courses help you become an expert in that particular field in a couple of months. Summer vacations are the best time for you to learn these skills and utilize the vacation at its fullest.


5. Make the coming back easier and smoother

If you are like me, each time you come back from vacations you think, with a sense of nostalgia: “That was great! Now it’s time to get back to reality…”. Well, taking online training during vacations will help blur the frontiers between “reality” and vacations, so there’s no really “coming back to reality”. There’s just life. Sometimes at home, sometimes at the beach, sometimes at a coffee shop. You can enjoy some much-needed relaxation while staying focused on completing your training successfully. “Back to reality” will mean you are still successfully accomplishing your goals and being the best you can be.


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