The top 5 reasons to choose online video training for your company

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Videos have become a large part of our online experience, both for entertainment purposes as well as business operations. Videos are being increasingly used as an educational tool for workforce training, including new employee orientation, company policies, legal requirements, sales and partners training and even as a medium to learn how to operate a certain piece of equipment or software. It is undeniable that video beats other training formats.

Why is video training the best option for your company? 

 1. Video training is effective

Videos foster knowledge retention: they are proven to be better than manuals and other online text-based learning materials because learners have a stronger response to visual information than to written content. Have you heard about the picture superiority effect? According to this principle, if people are shown a picture and a word together, they’ll remember 65% of this content three days later. If they only read the word, they’ll only be able to recall 10% of the content three days later. Video is a highly engaging method: you are presenting information both visually and audibly, which increases the chance of having this information stored in our long-term memory.

Using bite-sized video modules to compose a course helps with retention — you don’t have to struggle with short attention spans, people are more focused, content can be short and to the point and complex information can be simplified and presented in a format that is easier to digest. Moreover, modern “video tricks” (subtitles, screencasts, voice-overs, animations) can heighten the impact of your message. You can repeat things as many times as you need and reinforce your message in many creative ways: creating training highlights as you see fit and using tests and quizzes to ensure the message is getting across. Finally, and because metrics are the best drivers for your business, remember that video training allows you to measure completion, engagement levels, success and impact on business results.

 2. Video training is flexible 

We’ve mentioned the “video tricks” in previous articles and you should never forget that there are many solutions you can use to ensure your message is conveyed: role plays, animations, screen captures… While the overall solution is simpler, intuitive and natural — quoting Carol Leaman, a famous CEO: “We’re all professional TV watchers.” — you can bring the outside world to your video classroom and create a learning experience that is tailored to the needs your content dictates and delivered in a format that makes the most sense for your audience.

 3. Video training is scalable and easily accessible

Video training content can be easily distributed and stored in a platform that is available 24/7, which makes it ideal for learners who travel often, who are based in remote locations or have a tight agenda. Salespeople, for example, are almost always on the move, and being able to do the training on their mobile is the best solution for them as it can be accessed at any time and from any device. There are no limitations in terms of numbers of participants, and the fact that you are delivering a customized, strongly branded experience helps you strengthen your corporate brand through a seamless and beautiful user experience. You can show the same content to as many people as you want, and they can watch it as many times as they please, regardless of their location.

 4. Video training is quick and inexpensive

Nowadays, creating high quality videos is no longer a hassle: you can easily record a video using your smartphone and some creativity. If you do decide to do it professionally, you should know that today’s video equipment and editing allow production costs to be much lower than a few years ago. Hiring a video course production team externally can be a good investment, considering the benefits of video training you’ll soon be able to obtain.

 5. Video training is cost effective 

Because it is a quick and inexpensive solution that you can easily scale, video training becomes the most cost-effective solution to train your staff, your partners and your customers. Once you have the videos ready you can use them to train as many people as you want. You can save on traveling costs, on secondary fees such as venue rental and course materials and, most importantly, on time. Learners can effectively choose when and where to get trained, and this comes at no higher cost for you. Moreover, and as we’ve mentioned before, video allows you to cover a big message in a comparatively short time, which is yet another way to save time and money.

All of the above are strong reasons for you to make the switch, but we want to close with our top pick: people prefer videos as a training medium. So, what’s stopping you from giving them what they want?

If you are not sure if it it time to get online video training for your company, download this checklist and find out. 

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Writen by Rodrigo Pessoa Jorge
26-Jul-2018 12:22:00

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