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Do you feel that you don’t have the right skills to create an engaging video? Know that you don’t need to be an expert or have a huge budget to invest in an editing software and start producing high-quality videos. There are some amazing free and user-friendly options you can use to achieve great results.

Whether you are trying to produce a teaser, an explainer video, a screencast or even recording a presenter you will, most likely, need to edit all the footage. But don’t be alarmed! You have plenty of options and almost every video creation or editor software works the same way: a timeline at the bottom, a clip bin, and a preview window.

Depending on your goals and desired output, you can choose the software that better suits your needs and level of expertise. We have gathered the ones we consider to be the best to create great video content without busting your budget.

Our selection of Video Creation Tools 


“Show, don’t tell”. With Loom you can easily record your screen and share videos by just copying and pasting a link. It’s perfect to communicate with others as you can quickly show what you want to explain in detail, instead of a wordy email. Or if you’re planning to record a demonstration/screencast.

Imagine that you are trying to onboard a new co-worker or trainee and you need to explain how he can access some specific internal documentation. Instead of writing a long (and boring) e-mail with step by step instructions, you can easily record your screen, voice and image, and explain it in a simpler way. With Loom, you can also cut any useless footage, export your video and share it by email.

You can also produce a more structured output, like an online course about using a software. How? Record every step, download the video from Loom, and upload all the videos to bugle’s platform and build an entire course!

- Easy to install and use.
- Quickly record your screen, voice and/or webcam and post it right after
- You can both download the videos or share them with a link

- Besides the cut tool there are no other editing options in the free version

Best for/suited for:
- Screen-casting and simple presenter videos



If you’re not feeling creative and you are struggling to build your own videos, Biteable has your back. You can access tons of templates to create a professional looking video and an interesting content without needing to have your own footage or the skills to make it all by yourself.

Biteable is a great option if you want to create a short film, like a teaser for your online training or for your company’s product or service, as well as to build an explainer video with more complex information. Why? Because you can access a big amount of animations, short clips, music, photography and other assets, and use them in a quick and easy manner.

Keep in mind that we are talking about the free version, so you’ll miss some customization features that are available in the paid subscriptions. But, if you’re aiming to get your audience engaged and need to deliver video content in a regular basis, this is the path to follow.

- Extensive template library available.
- Short 2D animations and Clay animations included.

- You can’t upload your own fonts and there’s not much room for customization.
- Watermark in the free version.

Best for/suited for:
- Short animated videos like explainer videos to share complex ideas, concepts or products.
- Teasers for your training courses.


Are you looking for a tool, affordable and easy to use, that allows you to produce amazing bite-size videos? If so, this is for you! Veed.io is a simple and intuitive editing tool that allows you to do the basics, like cut and paste, but has a lot of handy extras like filters, auto subtitles and emojis. And the best of it? All of this comes with the free version.

There are, however, some constraints when using this version like the watermark or the upload limit. So, if you’re pretty new into editing but planning on publishing short videos to social media channels, or creating micro-learning units for your online training platform on a regular basis, the paid subscription might be the best choice for you.

- Free and easy to use.
- Works in a web browser, you don’t need to install anything.
- Auto, manual or upload your own subtitles. Easy to adjust and customize.

- Watermark in the free version
- 50MB upload limit and max 10 min video download in the free version

Best for/suited for:
-Editing bite-sized micro-learning videos for education and training (presenter, screencast, interviews, testimonials, and so on) and for social media platforms (explainer videos, teasers, and others).


Filmora wondershare

Filmora is a very intuitive and user-friendly software, great for beginners and non-editors. All tools are easy to access and straightforward. Its effect library is pretty complete, and you can add a filter or a transition just by dragging and dropping. It’s really easy to get your project started.

Filmora is a robust software that covers almost all your editing needs, suiting perfectly different video training formats. Here’s an example. Interviews are a great way to drill down complex information by bringing an expert to clarify a specific subject. By taking advantage of the split screen template you can show both interviewer and interviewee, you can capture different emotions by showing different angles, or you can reveal different people talking about the same subject. In short, you can edit your footage like a pro!

- Intuitive interface.
- Nice selection of transitions and effects available.
- Editing, screen and webcam recording in the same software.

- Watermark.

Best for/suited for:
- Editing different training formats: presenter videos, screencasts, animations. Use the layout templates available to edit testimonials or interviews in an easy way.


DaVinci resolve 16 

If you have already some experience with editing software, you will find DaVinci an amazing high-end free tool, perfect for video editing and post-production. Although, keep in mind that this one, from the selection we’ve made, is the most complex one, being neck to neck with some of the most known paid editing software.

If you’re running an online training academy for some time now, and you’re thinking about taking a bigger step and do a more complex editing work, you must consider using DaVinci. With this tool you can control and adjust colour, audio and design graphics for your training videos, upgrading your editing game like an expert.

- You can configure the workspace/layout to better suit your needs.
- Easy to create subtitles and burn them in the video or download them as a separate file.
- No watermark.

- Might be harder to use if you’re not used to editing software.

Best for/suited for:
- Editing different training formats: presenter videos, screencasts, animations, interviews, testimonials.
- Complex post-production needs.

Different software can help you achieve different results, making your life way easier and helping you get closer to your goals. Now that you know the best free tools for video creation, it’s time for a hands-on approach and start producing outstanding videos!

If you’re tackling video training, we’ve got your back! Check out our Video Formats poster and video, and this complete guide to create a video training course created by bugle’s Digital Learning Solutions team to help you get to know all the steps you need to take when creating effective video training.

Feel free to get in touch with our Digital Learning Solutions team for professional consulting. We’re happy to help you plan your first course.

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