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Bugle is the quick & easy tool for your business that allows you to share knowledge and training with your sales team, customers, partners, employees, and other stakeholders.

Looking for a simple, easy to use, self-service digital training platform? Bugle is your instrument for success. You can setup and run your online academy, have it ready and fully branded in a couple of hours - and take it from there. No need for specialized staff or consultants.


Our Customers

Join the group of happy customers who use bugle to offer a great training experience
to their customers, partners or employees. You can  read some customer testimonials here.

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The simple online training tool to help you
communicate your message

Drive engagement and results with Partner Training

Make the right call to increase engagement with your business partners. Run your online academy and provide them with onboarding and ongoing product training and certifications. Use our connect tool to communicate all important matters. Build a longstanding relationship based on trust with bugle.

The perfect call for Operations and Partner Management

"Creating Farfetch Connect (academy for partners) with bugle helped us maintain great operational quality and high engagement with partners while continuing to grow our store ecosystem."

Joana Costa, Business Communications Coordinator at Farfetch

Improve performance with Sales Training

Don’t just play the attention call to your sales team. Instead, offer them the training they need to improve their top line performance. Make them feel more confident about how to do their jobs. A happy team is a motivated team so, start buglin’ with your sales academy!

The perfect call for sales performance

"As market leaders, customers expect our advice on the solution that best fits their business challenges. Being quickly updated on WeDo Technologies products and services is at the core of our sales team and customer success. With bugle, we were able to have the product and message alignment across all sales reps delivered through a variety of locations in order to achieve a high-performing global team."

Carlos Marques, Head of Product Marketing at WeDo Technologies

Reduce churn and turn customers into promoters with Customer Education

Want the thumbs up from your customers? Create your online academy and show them how to use your product. Make the way to educated customers that are your promoters with online training.

The perfect call for Customer Success

"As part of the Santander Advance initiative, we offered our SME clients video training courses produced by bugle Digital Learning Solutions team. They were highly appreciated, allowing us to further increase engagement with this critical client segment."

Bernardo Sá Nogueira, President of the Executive Committee at Universia/Santander Bank

Generate more revenue with your Brand Academy

Be the industry leader by providing courses and certifications on your product, underlying technology, methodology, and more. Be the reference for your market by offering top content.

The perfect call for Marketing and Independent Consultants

"Bugle is a dynamic and modern platform that allowed us to keep the short implementation timeframe we had. With bugle our employee onboarding and training is consistent across all countries Colep operates in."

Joana Roda, Talent Development & Communications Manager at Colep

What can you do with bugle?

Digital training

With bugle you can easily create, publish, and share your video training courses.
With a beautiful console for both students and managers, you can customize all aspects of your training and have your bugle tool fully branded and ready to start publishing in under 1 hour.

Upload your videos, add all kinds of supporting materials, and create your own quizzes, challenges and surveys to make sure your audience has a great interactive experience. In the end, offer your students customized certifications.

Use our reporting features to measure and analyze individual and team training performance. Sounds great, right? Give it a try with a free trial.

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Connect Tool

Connect with your audience with bugle's Connect tool.
Use this feature to share business information with your audience in the form of posts, videos, files, links, ideas, achievements and more.

You can also create and notify your audience about an upcoming training or business event, send individual or group messages, and use surveys to ask for feedback. After all, sharing is caring!

With bugle you make sure your business audience feels like an important part of your world.

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Digital Learning Solutions

With bugle you can easily upload your videos and create your online training. You just need a camera, your business knowledge, and a bit of imagination. Still, we know that your team doesn't always have the time for it. Or you may feel like you need specialized digital learning help to guarantee training success.

No worries. At bugle, we are very proud of our Digital Learning Solutions (DLS) team. They are an experienced and specialized learning content team, with hundreds of hours of video training production. They can help you transform your business knowledge in amazing video training.

Whether you just want some instructional design guidance or prefer a turn-key solution, we've got your back.

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